‘Tis the season for celebration, but sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish between business and pleasure — especially at the company Christmas Party. With the Pistachio party soon to be upon us, hopefully this will help the team here as well as you guys reading this!

The Christmas party is a place to be social, relax, let your hair down and interact with your colleagues.

But we all know not everyone follows the so-called “rules” once the party gets going. Christmas parties are also an ideal place for gossiping, complaining about your workload and getting drunk…for free. And while some things are obvious — like don’t go to the party in short shorts or your underwear – some are not always so easily avoidable.

Here are 10 ways to avoid a Christmas party fail:

1. Wearing outrageously revealing clothes (or going naked)

This should be an obvious one but you would be very surprised what goes on! Never wear anything that Liz Hurley circa 1994 wouldn’t – we don’t want to shock our colleagues now do we!

2. Don’t talk about work ALL of the time

Yes, you work together at an office, but this doesn’t mean you have to talk about work all the time. The Christmas party is a place to be social, drink lots and have a giggle – enjoy yourself and don’t bore your colleagues!

3. Put your phone away

Constantly texting, tweeting or Instagramming has become so ingrained in our behaviour that it’s almost acceptable. But when you’re doing this in front of your colleagues and bosses, it can be insulting. Unless you are our fab social media guru, Charlotte, who will capture all the goings on, then put the phone away!

4. Mingle – don’t talk to the same person all night

Often, when we’re shy, awkward or nervous at parties we attach ourselves to friends or people we know — don’t do this at your Christmas party. Parties are a great way to meet your colleagues, and who knows? It can even lead to a promotion down the road if you talk to the right people!

5. Don’t complain about the party

This one is a no-brainer. Just remember, someone spent time organising the event, entertainment and logistics, so don’t be Christmas party snob — the bosses didn’t have to do this you know!

6. Flirting

We’re all here to be friends (well, most of us), but don’t cross the line. The last thing you want to be remembered for was schmoozing with colleagues highly intoxicated. However, despite saying this, a very high percentage of people do find themselves in deep water by doing something they shouldn’t – just be careful folks!

7. Double Book!

It’s called a calendar, people. Chances are, your holiday office party wasn’t booked last minute. Cancelling on your co-workers (or leaving halfway through) makes you seem disinterested, which can leave the impression you don’t care quite as much about your job. Don’t let your boss or colleagues down!

8. Don’t forget to say ‘Thank you’

It’s an easy one to forget. Again, remember someone worked hard to put this party together. Shooting them a quick thank you email or saying thanks in person goes a long way. It is a perk that the company offers the team as a thank you for the commitment and hard work during the year, at the very least say thank you back!

9. Gossiping

Psst … can you keep a secret? Save the water cooler chat for another time — like outside of the office.

10. Call in sick the next day

A complete no, no! Get it together. Don’t get so drunk at your Christmas party that you can’t function the next day. You won’t be fooling anyone.

Enjoy your Christmas party, drink, relax and have the best time. Merry Christmas!

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