This week marks my 2nd year anniversary at Pistachio Design. Proving that time really does fly when you’re provided with a never ending stream of airport chocolates and regular HBPB’s (Hemsworth Brother Photo Breaks) mentioning no names Marie…

So, to mark this happy and momentous occasion, and to celebrate my two year tenure as Pistachio Comms Manager, I have compiled a list of 24 things that I love about working at Pistachio, one for every month that I’ve been here…

1) The agency is named after my absolute favourite nut*
2) If you arrive at work before 9am you get to listen to the very best of Egyptian music
3) There is nearly always a never ending supply of mini Toblerone bars to eat
4) Pistachio designers can be bribed into designing hen-do itineraries and 30th birthday party invites
5) Pistachio branded hoodies are the perfect thickness for an over-zealous office air-con
6) Canteen Prosseco is served chilled
7) …and in proper champagne flutes
8) The nearest pub is approximately a 7.5 minute brisk walk away
9) Tea and coffee is pretty much administered via an intravenous drip to all staff members
10) An ice cream van regularly pulls up within 10 yards of the office, come rain or shine
11) Screaming for no apparent reason in the office is actively encouraged
12) Pistachio Nottingham has its very own comedy duo in the form of Rich and Chris
13) We’re Mac, not PC users
14) We’re allowed to sit on exercise balls instead of chairs and pretend we’re ‘working our core’
15) If you want tea and you’re too stressed/lazy to make it, you can ring a bell (jokes, that’s just me)
16) Emmy knows every single Lebanese restaurant worth eating at within a 60 mile radius
17) Both Pistachio Directors have absolutely zero will power if you suggest a Friday pub lunch
18) Pistachio Nottingham is in the trendiest part of town, making us cool by default
19) We have our own microwave
20) Pistachio Nottingham has its own fridge
21) 80% of staff enjoy beer
22) 90% of staff enjoy cheese (seriously Chris?)
23) Pistachio employees produce beautiful children

There you have it, 24 reasons as to why I’m very happy to have been working at Pistachio for 2 whole years – thanks for having me guys!

To learn more about the entire Pistachio team and the work we do here, get in touch today.

*disclaimer, a pistachio is actually officially a seed, not a nut