When it comes to SEO, it’s hard to keep up. Things change at a rapid pace. From algorithms to the never-ceasing pace of digitization, it’s hard to know how to stay ahead when it comes to boosting search result rankings.

For 2022, we’ve come up with a short-sharp list of the 5 biggest challenges facing marketers when it comes to SEO and how to tackle them. But remember, when it comes to search engine optimisation trends, the clock is always ticking…

1. Algorithm mayhem
Keeping up with Google is hectic AF. On average they run 500,000 plus experiments a year that result in around 4,000 changes to search. This is overwhelming to say the least. But what can we do to keep a handle on it? Strategy. You’ll never be able to respond to every algorithm change, but you can keep your ear to the ground and stay on top of industry news. Once an algorithm has settled and looks set to stay, update your SEO strategy accordingly to accommodate. Simples (jk, we know it’s anything but).

2. Be the tortoise
Organic, unlike paid, is a long game. A long, long game. This means patience is your number 1 virtue. Organic SEO results take time to show, something that is ESSENTIAL to let clients and management know when you’re working on boosting your organic rankings. First, make sure your metadata is up to date and working as well as it should be, then get a long-term strategy in place that focuses on 3 initiatives at a time. The race may be long, but it’ll be worth it when you stoically cross the finish line with a stead-fast SEO trail in your wake.

3. Do you research
If you know anything about SEO you probably know that keywords are the bread and butter, life source and holy grail of it. Rather than taking a laisez-faire attitude to your keyword research and providing a list off the top of your head, doing a deep dive into the scope and relevancy of each keyword is the secret to getting an SEO boost that’ll stick around for the long haul. Focus on user intent and create a keyword list that’s quality over quantity and helps solve customer problems.

4. Use your voice
Using voice for search is rapidly becoming a significant player. With over half of all internet users in the US using voice for search, it won’t be long until it’s the dominant source. The answer to staying ahead of the trend is to optimise your site for mobile. Most voice searches take place on mobile, meaning that Google and those fussy little spider bots prefer mobile friendly sites with super-fast speeds, and they’ll rank you accordingly.

5. Fix-up your headers
Google now ranks sections of a page independently from the page itself (yes, we know it’s a darn headache). If your pages are already well organized and written to spec, then this shouldn’t be an issue. If they’re not however, a good place to start would be to revisit your headers and provide additional content for different sections. This allows google to understand your content regardless of the format.

Despite the above, the only thing we can all rely on when it comes to SEO is that change is constant. However, understanding a little but more about how it all works can only help in creating a robust SEO strategy that can withstand a little push and pull.

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