Yes, that’s right folks, we just LOVE a good blog post and recently we really love giving our two pennies worth on our top five tips for all things that’ll help to make your brand POP. So, this week, for the sake of an asymmetric grid (of the insta and blog variety) we’re going for the treble with a quick checklist of everything you need to make sure your blog is packing a punch online.

Here goes…

1. Plan

Make sure you plan your blog post by choosing a topic that’s going to resonate not just with your audience, but you as well. There’s nothing more off-putting than reading a lack-lustre 650 words that the author clearly has zero interest in. If you’re vibing a topic then naturally your enthusiasm will ooze onto the page and into readers minds. So, do some research, pick something that makes sense to you and create an outline – but most importantly, check your facts.

2. Get a good headline

Your topic could be as jazzy as a Britney Vegas residency post the apocalyptic freeing of said icon (*cough #FREEBRITNEY) but if it doesn’t have a catchy title, then (unlike a Britney song) it’s probably going to flop. The key is to find something that’s both informative and will capture the readers’ attention, and imagination. However, in an era of ‘fake news’ try and steer away from click-bait titles and instead flex your creative muscles by writing something that’s tongue-in-cheek but also strikes a profound chord.

3. Write it

It seems obvious, but most blogs fall at the draft stage OR they’re farmed out to someone else to write who either misses the point or can’t be bothered to find it. There’s every reason to use a professional to write your blog for you, just make sure it’s someone you trust to convey your message and personality appropriately. This doesn’t mean extra leg work for you, it just means being sure to give a true representation of yourself, and your brand, to whoever is channelling your voice for you on the page.

4. Use Images

Images are key in enhancing your post, engaging readers and making sure the topic is understood. However, don’t fall into the trap of using low res, poor quality or un-licenced images. Optimised imagery is just as important as optimised content, it improves the flow and overall professional look of the blog. And if you’re not sure where to find appropriate and legal images to use online? Just ask we won’t bite…

5. Edit yourself

No matter how much of a wordsmith you might be, no one is above editing themselves before publishing. Read, re-read and then read again and be sure to take out anything that doesn’t need to be there. Another tip is to read the content out loud to make sure that the syntax works for readers and not just inside your head. Then, get someone else to read it and don’t be sensitive when they suggest edits. Great blogs are the ones that haven’t been shy of a cut or two – sometimes adapting your text at the last minute is the key to a truly engaging piece of writing.

All in all, blogging is one of those jobs that seems easy until you’re the one who has to do it. But, as with all things, practice often really does make perfect, so stick to the list and you’ll be blogging like a pro in no time. And, if you need some help, planning, writing and posting your blog, just drop us a line we’d be happy to help!