Automated email marketing is a cost-effective and reliable way to reach potential customers and speak to existing contacts with ease and confidence. However, sales emails are also VERY popular. We all have them piled high in our inbox, offer after offer, ‘exciting’ news bulletin after limited discount, the list goes on…and so does the number of the poor unopened souls.

The issue is that everyone is wise to a sales email. We’re all pretty busy, and quite simply, we don’t have the time for it. Especially when faced with a blanket, impersonal message that’s clearly been churned out with little care and attention paid to the person on the receiving end. In fact, a one-size-fits-all email strategy is most probably not helping your business – it may even be hurting it.

The reality today is that more and more relationships are being established and maintained behind a screen, therefore being able to effectively build a relationship with your customer via email is essential in ensuring a successful and thriving business. The question is, how can we make our sales emails a little nicer for customers to receive?

1. Make it personal

Your inbox is your personal space. It’s where you conduct most of your day-to-day conversations. Therefore, you expect the people emailing you to at least address you by your name. You wouldn’t expect to walk into a personal appointment and be greeted by a robot that calls you ‘dear customer’ so don’t assume that’s it’s ok to barge your way into someone’s inbox doing the same.

Personalising emails allows you to connect with potential customers and engage with them as actual people, not just as a number on a sales sheet. This initial duty of care in an email intro will immediately drive a more personal connection than a non-personalised introduction will.

2. Send valuable content

Make sure you’re sending customers content they want and need. This will then establish you as a trusted resource and keep you at the top of the pile when it comes to the influx of emails to sort through. No one wants to be inundated with information that they don’t find useful or valuable in some way.

So, steer clear of sending out comms for the sake of it and instead base the content you send out on what your customers actually want from you. It might take some time, practice, and research but it’ll be worth it when you CTR goes up as a result.

3. Personalise offers

This might seem like hard work, but it goes without saying that every customer is unique. This means that they require a reasonable amount of individuality in their solutions. The more you learn about your customers, the more you can use this information to make personalised recommendations that are catered towards their needs rather than yours.

4. Show some love

Sales emails shouldn’t just be about sales. They’re about establishing and building valuable and long-lasting relationships with customers and prospects. Instead of always focusing activity on pushing offers and discounts, send welcome information, celebrate milestones, and note birthdays. These emails show your dedication to providing an enjoyable customer experience which in turn keeps you fresh in their minds when thinking of brands to champion. These types of emails also keep you in customers inboxes without being intrusive or annoying.

5. No more cold emailing

No one likes a cold call, not even the people making them. So why do it via email if you don’t need to? Reaching out to new people in your database dances dangerously close to being a cold call, so try leveraging the tools at your disposal to ensure that it isn’t. Research conversation topics and ice breakers that work well with your audience and think up creative ways to work these into a communication. This provides you with a starting point to break the ice and allows you even more ways to personalise emails that will nurture a better connection.

Connecting with potential and existing customers via email will always have great potential to allow you to build rapport, build trust, and make your customers feel appreciated so they keep coming back. Therefore, adding a personal touch to your sales emails is easy and essential in creating loyal, happy customers – something which every business could do with a bit more of.

For help in developing a sales email strategy that will resonate with your customers, simply drop us a line, we’d love to help!