5 Years of Rich…

Today at work we have cause to celebrate,
The long and dedicated service of a dear, dear mate,
A one Richard Eastwood, a slave to his art,
He is truly valued by us all for being so hip and so very smart.

For five wonderful years he has been a wizard on the Mac,
Delivering cracking creative to help set us ahead of the design-agency pack,
An informed gentleman of the world, he is the epitome of class,
Plus he is sure to deliver on a project with just a small side serving of sass.

So we are delighted to celebrate Rich’s 5 year Pistachio anniversary,
And ask you all to congratulate and encourage him to get very merry,
Because we are so very pleased to have a guy such as Rich on our team,
As he helps to make our office here at Pistachio such a design dream-team!

Happy Five year anniversary Rich! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Want to see what Rich and the rest of the design dream-team have been cooking up in the studio in recent years? Check out our latest work here.