We can’t quite believe it, but it has been 7 whole years since the delectable Eman Malash joined the creative team here at Pistachio, and we couldn’t be happier to still have her here with us.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, and generally bring a little of Emmy’s sparkle to everyone else’s Thursday, here are 7 reasons why we really do love Emmy…

1. She’s a prolific tea-maker. Always one of the first to offer to make the morning round, Emmy is one of those precious team members who is truly selfless in the art of the hot-beverage roster, and therefore she must be protected at all costs.

2. She has enviable hair. Like seriously, it is just so shiny and lustrous and full of hope and wonder. Whenever times seem tough in the office, just one look at Emmy’s glorious mane will easily calm a multitude of stresses.

3. She has an infectious zest for life. Always one to be positive, kind and caring, Emmy is often the voice of reassurance and support in the office when we need it most, reminding us what is truly important and to always believe in ourselves.

4. She is a incredible cook. Honestly, we really only organise team cooking or baking activities so that we can enjoy her food, because it is insanely delicious. In fact, when is the next team cook-out!?

5. She is passionate about design. Emmy really cares about her work and this is evident in any project that she takes on. Emmy pours her heart and soul into her design work, so if she’s working on your project, then you really are very lucky.

6. She has great recommendations. Whether it be the best Lebanese restaurant in (literally any) town, which book to read next, or the next show to binge watch on Netflix, Emmy is your gal – and she never lets us down.

7. She’s fiery. Yes, Emmy is incredibly kind, generous and supportive BUT we don’t have an Egyptian Queen on the Pistachio team for no small reason, and if there’s something worth fighting or standing up for, then Emmy is as fierce as she is wise, a true creative-force to be reckoned with.

So, there you have it, 7 great reasons why we’re happy to celebrate Emmy’s 7 years at Pistachio today. Thank you Emmy, we’d be lost without you!

If you’d like to know how Emmy and the rest of the design team can help you with your next creative campaign, then get in touch with us today, we’d love to hearfrom you!