Hello Pistachio readers! My name is Meghan, I’m the new Junior Creative & Digital Designer at Pistachio Design and I am under strict instructions to formerly introduce myself to you all, so here it goes!

I come to design via a slightly different route, as I studied Fashion Design at University. My final collection was a sportswear range for people with disabilities and I was lucky enough to be able to use two Paralympians to model the collection, which coincidently ended up being featured on Buzzfeed! I also, very proudly, designed the leggings worn by Team Wales during the Commonwealth Games in 2018, which was a very surreal moment.

I found developing the collection a real challenge as it meant having to think about everything from fittings, to branding, illustration, photoshoots and even creating a film for the project. Needless to say, I soon realised that the skills I learned from this process would be transferrable to a number of different careers, including of course, design.

After graduating I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to focus my attention, so after saving some pennies working as a gym receptionist, I took myself off for an amazing trip to New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Hong Kong – and now I am very much feeling the winter blues of being back in the UK this winter!

Upon my return, I decided that I’d dip my toe in the fashion world once again and worked as a womenswear design assistant in London, but after an insightful 6 months, I decided that the fashion industry wasn’t quite right for me and I went looking for something that would really challenge me creatively – and that’s when I found Pistachio.

I’m delighted to be part of the team here at Pistachio and I’m excited to develop my design skills and embrace my creativity whilst working on some really great and innovative projects.

Everyone at Pistachio has already made me feel so welcome and, as my hobbies mainly included eating out, thinking about where to eat out, and researching where to eat out, I think we’ll all get on just fine…

Thanks for reading!