Can you really believe that December is here already? We’re still a little dumbfounded at Pistachio HQ, where has 2019 gone!? This year has been a quick one it’s true, and as much as we’re really looking forward to the jolly old festive-season ahead, it only seems like yesterday that we were dissecting the fresh crop of Christmas 2018 adverts from some of the UK’s most popular retailers – and falling ever so slightly in love with KTC (that’s Kevin the Carrot to non-believers) or was that just me?

Well, just like that, our favourite brands are at it again. So, as the gloves come off in the fight for the coveted Xmas Ad Crown of 2019, we’ve taken a look at who’s got us laughing, crying, and quite simply jumping for joy this December.

John Lewis:

Where else would we begin, really? The retailer that started this merry little dance of overly emotive advertising come Christmastime has actually divided popular opinion this year. And, considering that JL has been the undisputed heavy weight champion of Xmas ads for the past 5 years in a row, this is erm kinda a big deal. YIKES. RIP to the execs who made that call hey…

Anyway, I for one don’t know what all the fuss is about. Edgar the dragon is simply adorable, and very relatable. Namely because he keeps isolating himself from an entire town of people every-time he opens his mouth, so I feel ya Edgar buddy, I really do. However, all is well when one sassy little red-head proves that Edgar’s fiery breath is of use to the ignorant town-folk after all, and all is well and Christmassy in the end. I’m not sure why Edgar hasn’t captured the entire nations imagination this year, as dragons seem to be the dish du jour still, but personally – as with everything this year – I blame the catastrophe that was GOT season 8.


Jamie Oliver’s preferred food superstore has come out swinging this year with the bold claim that Sainsburys actually invented Christmas. Wild, right? Well, you know what they say, ‘go hard or go home’ and you’ve got to hand it to the Sainsburys team, they have gone all out with a very atmospheric Victorian set and an Oliver Twist inspired tale centered around the very first Sainsburys store on Drury Lane in 1869.

Marking 150 years of the retailer being in business, and embellishing a heart-warming tale of the origins of St Nick, the Sainsburys ad has everything you could possibly want from a crimbo advert; Victorian England, cute pauper children, an evil villain and a celebrated hero. For the traditionalists amongst us, what’s not to love?


Ok, I’ll try and contain my enthusiasm for Aldi’s advert and the return of its delectable protagonist BUT the OG KTC is BACK BABY! That’s right, 4 time’s a charm for little old Kevin the Carrot and his band of merry veg, and get this, it’s a Peaky Blinders spoof.

I mean COME ON! What a hoot! New character Russel Sprout (I mean, brilliant) and his gang of ‘Leafy Blinders’ are super peeved at Kev for being the nationally adored celeb vegetable that he is, so they kidnap him – the swines! Anyway, as with any KTC offering, the cultural references become a little blurred and Tiny Tom the tomato comes to Kevin’s rescue to save the day, and one assumes, the spirit of Christmas – hip hip HOORAY!


Not usually one to feature in the big leagues for Christmas ad adulation, but this year Walkers have literally stolen the essence of Xmas and poured it straight into their advert in the form of Mariah Carey.

Spending a completely reasonable fee of £9 million on the notoriously easy-to-please and equable songstress, this advert ties in with the 25th anniversary of Mariah’s 1994 classic, All I want for Christmas is You and to be fair, Mariah doesn’t disappoint.


Ikea’s first ever foray into the Christmas ad-battle is an odd one. Why? Well, because nothing says Merry Christmas quite like all of your oddest house-hold items coming to life and telling you how crap your home interiors look via the voice of a trendy UK grime artist… but you know, Christmas does mean many different things to many different people…

Ikea clearly wanted to go against the tide of sentimental adverts with this offering, and more power to them as they’ve also integrated the campaign to include in-store events across the UK to help customers make their homes more festive and welcoming, which is kinda cute really.

So, there you have minions, our 2019 pick of the top Christmas adverts of this year. Have we missed any that deserve a spot? Let us know and we’ll be happy to give it our best, acerbic, analysis.

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Thanks for reading!