New year resolutions – where are they now?

As you may have read at the start of the year, we all made our New Year’s resolutions here at Pistachio HQ in Marlow (if not then you can check out our ‘Thoughts’ page here So now that we have completed our first month of 2018, and my resolution was to try and drink more water, the question on everyone’s lips is – where are they now?

Has it lasted?

The short answer is…an overwhelming YES!

Like most people who start off the year with a resolution, I began my water-drinking quest full gusto and hope. Prior to this I really struggled to drink any type of liquid that wasn’t prosecco, so it was going to take a real change of mind-set to make sure that I was drinking enough water on a daily basis. Luckily, I found my solution in the form of an app – and I do love a good app – so I started to track each time I drank water in the myfitnesspal app, which conveniently then linked to my FitBit and made sure that I was staying on track. I didn’t factor any tea or coffee drinking into this, I just focused on the undiluted glasses of water I was drinking, and just the fact that I was tracking myself made me competitive – with myself (sad, I know) and spurred me to carry on. In addition to this I also decided to take part in dry January, so by the end of the month, a lot of water had been consumed!

Have there been any benefits?

I must say I have been feeling more alert, even when I know I’m overtired, and it has also helped me to lose weight. Drinking water makes me feel fuller for longer and I am now feeling thirsty (which I never did before) when I fall under the recommended amount that I’m supposed to drink every day. Another added bonus is that my skin feels less dry and I’ve had compliments in the office about my shiny hair… win, win!

Unfortunately, the only drawback is the amount of time spent going to the loo – but on the plus side, even this means I get my daily steps up!

Will I be continuing?

Yes, I most definitely will be. I love feeling more alert and switched on, something that helps greatly with my job here at Pistachio – feeling energised, focused and switched on is essential to ensuring the smooth running of our vibrant strategic, creative agency here in Marlow – so long may the hydration sensation continue!

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