What did you ask for this Christmas? Assuming that you still ask for things? It’s ok, I’m pretty sure that most people do. It makes perfect sense – after all what is the point of spending money on gifts that people don’t actually want or need? That’s CRAZY right?

Well despite our best efforts, it happens every single year. Hundreds of thousands of discounted selection boxes, store-branded room diffusers, body sprays, sickly-sweet smelling candles and countless tartan scarfs are hastily gifted out to friends, family and colleagues who you didn’t really want to get a gift for, but then they gave you a gift, so now you’ve got to get them a gift so you don’t look like a truly awful person etc etc – even though that money could have bought you a festive jaeger bomb, but whatever, it’s Christmas bla bla bla.

Well this year, I just want everyone to remember what Christmas is really all about –PARTYING!! AMIRIGHT? I’m joking, it’s actually about peace and love to all (wo)men. Which in layman’s terms, means spending less money on tit-for-tat gifts and spending more time having fun, spreading joy* and making each other happy. So this year I just couldn’t think of anything that I wanted more than, well, time.

Especially after this year, this politically challenging year of 2017 – I’m just happy to have made it to the end with my health, family and moral compass still (vaguely) intact. And in this fast-paced world where we spend all year working hard, keeping fit, learning new things, rearing children and tackling life, Christmas is the one time of year where we can guiltlessly forget about some of life’s stresses for a few days. We can forget about work, we can cancel our gluten/fun free diets and we can ignore the government’s recommended amount of daily alcohol units, AND we can finally spend real quality TIME with each other, wahey!

I realise, however, that life, even at Christmas time, can be hectic, stressful and somewhat taxing, so here are a few handy tips to help you better enjoy that all important precious time this festive season:

1. Jesus liked wine – he liked it so much that he turned water into it for no apparent reason – so unless you want to disrespect Jesus on his birthday, I strongly suggest that you stock up and raise a glass with everyone who makes you happy, and if they don’t make you happy, then the wine certainly will

2. Don’t worry over gifts – if the people whom you are buying presents for are going to be offended or disappointed with what you can afford to buy them then you shouldn’t be buying them anything in the first place. And if all else fails, just put a bow on your head to remind everyone that you, are in fact, the real gift in their lives

3. Switch off – do not, and I mean do not, check your work email, (I mainly mean you Paul) really, you should assume that everyone else is also enjoying their precious time away from the office and is just trying to get through the next few days without killing an in-law. So just turn it off, leave it alone, and keep your head focused on the charade tournament – your family needs you

4. Eat the food – Yes, I know you’ve been working hard all year (ok you’ve been thinking about working hard all year) in the gym so that you can finally use the #bodygoals hashtag un-ironically on Instagram, but Santa did not shake his belly like a bowl full of kale and chia seeds, so please just eat the cake, the pork pies and the turkey stuffing, and know that you still look pretty darn cute – you really do

5. Remember – Not everyone’s Christmas period is a happy one, and while I’m not asking you to dwell on this during a time of celebration, please make sure that you appreciate everything and everyone you have around you this year – because time is, after all, a fickle friend

So, what was the point of this blog? Aside from helping you all to enjoy Christmas of course… well every member of the Pistachio team is putting out a blog post this week as part of a competition to win a luxury Christmas turkey from Copas Turkey’s – the winner is the person whose blog gets the most reads/shares/likes/reach.

Now as I’m asking for time this Christmas, I would ask that if you’re reading this that you share and encourage as many people as possible to also read this – because I want to win the darn turkey, ok? And, more importantly, I want to win the turkey because it’s my intention to donate it to the Women’s Refuge Shelter, not because it makes me feel like a better human being to do so (of course it makes me feel like a better human being) but because lots and lots of people are genuinely struggling at this time of year and some gifts really do make a difference.

*please spread joy safely – you know who you are.

Thanks for reading! And be sure to check out what we get up to when we’re not competing for Christmas turkey’s by clicking here