Warning – this is not an entire blog post about how the history-making, eager, young England team are currently making even the most battle-weary of English fans do the rumba to ‘It’s Coming Home’ in a sweltering pub garden, and are (dare I say it?) hacking their way through this most controversial of world cups at promising speed – but it’s still a good excuse to talk about it.

In reality, this is also, essentially a blog post about how to cultivate a more ‘winning’ attitude at work – but, in the spirit of those three deserving lions, this post will also be peppered with football references and isms about scoring, celebrating and erm, Colombians…

So, just like England’s performance last night, we all know that the key to having a winning mentality isn’t always as straightforward and as one-dimensional as we’d all like it be. In other words, developing a winning attitude, both on and off the pitch, takes more than just saying “It’s coming home!” So, here are a few tips on how to sail through to the heady heights of winning at work…

Willingness to engage:

We all know that players have to play with a little fire in their belly to gain and hold possession of the ball, especially in high-pressure games, and much like the steely determination of many a national team, showing a willingness to take on assignments at work, even if they are projects that others tend to shy away from, will display a winning attitude, not only to others, but also to yourself.

However, even though a willingness to engage and have a crack at the whip is imperative to every successful endeavour, too much aggression, lack of compassion for those around you, or any blatant disregard of the rules (mentioning no South American countries by name) official or unspoken, to get your way, or your voice heard, is a sure fire way to get yourself a red card and a firm road block to your progression – unless your boss happens to be Mark Geiger, then I’d suggest wildly gesticulating in his face until he has to run away from you instead, job done.

Be a good listener:

Too often we speak to be heard and not because we have something of value to say. So, much like an energetic-adolescent-wannabe rugby-tussle on the edge of the 9 yard box, winning at work and on the pitch, often requires listening to someone else’s point of view first before commenting, presenting and shouting-out yours.

Part of winning is that others perceive you as a serious contender, so by listening, taking stock and showing a measured and reserved response, this can often be the most steadfast route to reaching that goal-scoring high – and remember, what would Harry do?

Have self -awareness:

Sometimes people perceive us in a different way to who we really know, or feel, that we are. So, what if someone tells you that they perceive you as not having the correct skills required for the next step, promotion or project that you desperately want and you find yourself staring soberly out from the subs bench? Well, there must be a disconnect somewhere, so it’s time to take a real look at yourself and identify what it is that is lacking, or what can be improved, to help change this perception.

A winner has the confidence to ponder on self-reflection and come back better and stronger, ready to tackle their challenges face on, because they understand that this is a learning and growth process, no matter how long it takes. Remember, it took England 36 years to finally pull their fingers out and win a World Cup penalty shoot-out… * (FYI: tip for future penalty takers from one very under-qualified, anonymous gent in the pub who screamed “NEVER, EVER PLACE IT YOU FOOL!!” in my ear last night whilst sloshing half of his Stella Artois down my novelty ‘You’re a wizard Harry’ t-shirt)

Celebrate growth, not just wins:

Now, this is something that the England team have had a LOT of practise with – taking the time to congratulate yourself when you learn and grow and not just when you win. I mean, did anyone really imagine that a sobbing Southgate of 96’ fame would be standing on the touchline in a rather (in my opinion) dashing three-piece suit, punching the air with joy as he leads the 2018 team to the quarter finals in a history-making penalty shoot-out…? No, you did not.

Very few people in business won during their first bite at the cherry, and many times in life, our setbacks and failures can be viewed the same way. With every loss, there is a lesson that allows you to creep closer to winning… so… COME ON ENGLAND!!

With that being said, just like our wonderful team at Pistachio, if you’re willing to work hard, listen to those around you, and pay special attention to your own personal development, you should enjoy plenty of occasions where you can celebrate your growth, and wins.

Now, at our offices in Marlow and Nottingham, we love helping our clients to win, whether that be with our engaging creative, innovative digital designs, strategic planning or our buzzing communications, our clients grow with us so that we can celebrate our successes together. If your brand is looking to grow, get in touch today and see how we can help!

Psst. It’s coming home…

*Penalty shoot-outs were first introduced as tie-breakers in the 1978 World Cup but did not occur before 1982 – and England won their very first one on one balmy evening in July 2018…

…in the distance, the sound of pub windows shattering rings in my ears…