Like many businesses at the moment, here at Pistachio we’re having to adjust to a new way of working. Covid-19 has been a disruptive force, causing work forces to migrate to a virtual set-up and businesses to adapt to a more robust online offering and presence.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been providing our insights on how businesses can prepare their immediate response to the pandemic, how to best prepare your team for a virtual set up, and also how to utilise digital assets in order to captivate and engage audiences online.

Today, we’ll be exploring how you can engage your current customers and potential new prospects digitally and thus encourage a thriving online business.

Here are some of our top tips for how your business can better communicate, captivate and engage customers during this continued and uncertain time.

Animated content:

Video content is king, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day, so it’s safe to say that this kind of content is key to engaging an online audience. Why? Well, because it’s a simple and effective way of explaining a service or product in a way that grabs user attention and encourages viral sharing. Other effective ways of using animated content as a digital resource include creating a type of ‘how-to’ guide or giving a break-down of important information into a digestible format.

By utilising animated videos across your digital channels and platforms, you can increase your audience engagement and reach immediately, thus raising the visibility of your business and instilling a sense of loyalty and recognition in your customers, all wrapped up in an interactive, professional and pretty looking package.

Dynamic eBooks:

eBooks, they might sound a bit boring and basic, but they are anything but. In fact, eBooks are a fail-safe way of sharing useful information to customers and stakeholders. A dynamically designed, interactive eBook is a digital tool that is informative and expertly designed to take the user on an engaging journey that sells the benefits of your service and demonstrates the professionalism and dependability of your brand.

eBooks are also incredibly versatile in their marketing usability, as they can be easily disseminated across web pages, social channels and emails without brands having to compromise on quality or applicability of the asset.

Web Tools:

This might seem like a vague topic, but there are so many web tools that brands can utilise to engage and entice customers that it would take a hefty tome indeed to cover them all. However, if you do want to engage with customers and prospects in an effective and rewarding way, a few examples include; online questionnaires that help users to better understand their own requirements, calculator tools that help to estimate costs and materials required for a specific project and booking tools, which, well, do exactly what they say on the tin!

Web tools such as these can really help to enhance websites and campaign landing pages as they encourage users to interact directly with a brand, allowing businesses to collect valuable information and in return offer users very useful content.

Keep up the Comms:

If we’ve said it once, we’ve likely said it in every blog we’ve ever published, the way that you communicate with your customers, staff and stakeholders is of paramount importance. Right now, a very large proportion of your audience is spending an unprecedented amount of time online. In simple terms, your digital communications strategy is now essential to your survival.

This might seem like an overwhelming prospect, but there is plenty that you can do to ensure that you have a cohesive and managed strategy in place that will work hard for you. The key is to ensure that your communications are consistent, well-managed and above all, valuable to your target audience. If you stick to this holy grail of comms then you’ll be able to raise the visibility of your business to a wider, online audience in no time. Key components to think about are; producing content that will boost your SEO, engage your customers in real time via social media, email and blog marketing, and keep the lines of communication clear and effective between stakeholders, partners and staff.

Thanks for reading our insights in how digital assets and tools can help your business to weather the Covid-19 storm. To chat to us in more detail about anything covered in today’s blog, or to learn more about our Survive and Thrive Digital Toolkits that we have on offer, simply click here.

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