Our Dearest Christopher, can you believe how far we’ve come together?
Day in day out, you nail amazing design whatever the mood or weather.

It has been seven wonderful years with you on the Pistachio team,
And not a day goes by that we aren’t thankful for you being such a dream!

We truly are in awe of your innovative ideas and blue-sky thinking,
You’re even pretty funny when you’re out on the razzle drinking.

Who knows what we’ve done to deserve such a great designer,
But here’s to the next seven years, they’re sure to be a blinder!


From everyone here at Pistachio, we’d like to wish Chris a very happy 7 year work anniversary and remind him how much we love having him on the team!

Thanks for a Magnificent 7 Chris!

To check out some of the fantastic work Chris has been involved in recently, check out some of our projects here.