Who would have thought it? Ten years of the enigmatic Mr Christopher Gillen. What a wild ride it’s been. One wedding, two babies, a few moves, a renovation, and everything else in between. Not to mention the hundreds of animations, graphics, websites, AND pieces of art that have been created at the tap tap tap of his talented fingertips.

To celebrate a decade of Chris as an integral part of Team Pistachio, here’s a pop culture throwback that may or may not work, a love poem entitled:

10 things we Hate about Chris…

We hate the way you make us tea
And the way you cut your lockdown hair
We hate the way you carefully drive your car
We hate it when you stare (at Rich)

We hate your big dumb Batman obsession
And the way you read Rich’s mind
We hate your animations because they’re too sick
And it reminds us you’re a one of a kind

We hate the way you’re always right
We hate it when you don’t eat cheese
We hate it when you make us laugh
And when you say bless you when we sneeze

We really hate it when you’re not around
And we get sad when you forget to call
But mostly we hate the way we don’t hate you
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

We LOVE you Chris! Thanks for a perfect 10 years!

To see some of the fantastic projects Chris has worked on over the years, check out our work page.