Today marks just one month until the big day itself. What is that day I hear you cry? Oh perlease, you know, I know, we all know…It’s Christmasssssssss! (if you didn’t read that in Noddy Holder’s voice then quite frankly, what are you doing with your life may I ask?)

So, in aid of the 4-week countdown to the most wonderful time of the year (if you didn’t read that in – ok ok, I’ll stop) we’ve put together our top tips for navigating the insanely busy period that is now until the New Year. Because, as we know all too well, we’ll need to be well equipped, and thick liver-ed, to survive the manic month ahead.

Tip numero uno:

Hydrate – ‘Tis the season where any and every event where there is more than 1 other person present means that you will be force-fed an alcoholic beverage. And if you refuse? Oh, all hell and judgement will break loose. So be warned. Load up on water to counter-act the mulled-wine IV drip that your entire social, family and work circle will relentlessly try and hook you up to – and stay safe out there guys.

Tip deux:

Stagger present buying – Ok, it might be a bit late to spread the cost of Christmas over a few different pay cheques if you haven’t already planned ahead. But, it is also very important for the mind, body and soul, that you do not attempt a bulk-Christmas-list buy all in one sitting. The reasons for this are two-fold; 1, two hours in and your feet will perish under the strain of walking the same Boots 3 for 2 aisle 27 times trying to decide which The Sanctuary set Aunt Mary would prefer to re-gift this year and 2, this will eat in to very precious Elf watching time, which as we all know is actual Christmas blasphemy.

Tip 3:

Don’t shirk work responsibilities – Trust us. We’ve all been there, it’s December, everyone is maniacally trying to maintain an acceptable alcohol level in their bloodstream between the hours of 9-5 and the joy of frivolity is in the air. We get it, it’s easy to throw caution to the slip-stream of Santa’s sleigh and shelve everything until January, but please don’t. Why? Because when you drag yourself back to your desk on Jan 2nd, full of Xmas pudding, family strife and a new tartan scarf you didn’t want or need, you really, really will not want to deal with 10 x your workload and some very grumpy clients who have also left everything to the last minute. Keep ahead of the game and protect your sanity, January you will definitely thank you for it.

Tip 4:

Embrace it – Try not to be a scrooge this Christmas, there really is too much negativity going on in the world for you to add to the grumpy-faced brigade. When a colleague suggests putting a Xmas playlist on, or wearing a jumpy with a badly sequinned Rudolf on, don’t roll your eyes and sneer, it’ll only make them play it louder and buy you one for ‘bants.’

Instead, let the joy of yuletide seep into your bones, much like the brandy and sugar. Even if you really don’t care much for Christmas itself, it’s still a joy to know that everyone else will most probably be ignoring tip number three, and will no doubt subsequently regret it come January. So, if that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside this Xmas, then I don’t know what will.

Tip 5:

Plan ahead – with the arrival of Christmas time comes the ever-looming dawning of a new year, and next year we’re heading into the roaring 20’s old sport, so make it count. With the busy hustle and bustle of the festive period demanding that we run around like headless chickens for the most part, it can be easy to ignore the fact that a brand new year, and decade, is about to be upon us.

With that in mind, try and take this Christmas season to reflect upon everything that has passed this year, the good and the bad, and what you’d like to take with you into 2020, and what could maybe be left behind in 2019. Whether that’s to do with relationships, health or work, it’s always good to re-evaluate, re-centre and remember that nothing lasts forever – even Christmas.

Thanks for reading! We hope you have a productive 4 week Xmas-countdown and achieve everything you want to for the remainder of 2019 and waltz into 2020 with genuine spring in your step.

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