Hello folks and welcome back to the grind after the frivolities of the Easter weekend, we hope that you are full of the joys of spring and possibly a little bit of chocolate also…

So what do we have for you on this dreary #backtowork, post -bank-holiday Tuesday? Well it’s all about communication – and more specifically, how your employees can communicate more efficiently with each other for the overall success of your business.

The way we work has changed, remote and flexible working is a must for successful companies navigating the modern age, and so the way we communicate internally has had to evolve to match the agile environment that our teams now need to operate in. This is also true for the amount of information that employees must digest, sift through and process – every day is an information overload and being able to communicate the correct information and make sense of it is a skill that every competent employee must master.

So it is no surprise then that in this highly integrated environment that one way, linear communication is no longer effective. Instead teams need to shift their focus to motivating and helping employees to share information and ideas through their own networks and teams. Here are three steps that should help in boosting how your team communicates internally:

1. Transparent strategy:
All too often managers only communicate strategic information at the top level – cutting employees out of the loop and leaving them blind to the organisational context necessary to teach and learn from each other. By sharing strategic plans openly across all levels, managers can focus on sharing information that employees need to help them make decisions that support the overall business strategy – building a stronger business, and team, for the future.

2. Curious questioning:
Communications teams should provide opportunities for managers to build confidence and trust within their teams by encouraging conversations where critical and curious questions are fielded, answered and discussed. Again this is an opportunity for managers to carry on a dialogue with their teams, practise describing and ‘selling’ the business to each other and most importantly, learning from one another about how everyone is contributing to overall business objectives.

3. Positive collaboration:
Managers should encourage employees to share their messages and ideas amongst their own work networks and teams. Whether this means enabling employees to talk about and collaborate on different projects that are not necessarily within their comfort zone, or allowing team members to take innovative approaches to research and tasks, encouraging collaboration across skill sets can help to ensure that overall business objectives are achieved through a dynamic and united team effort.

So there it is, short and sweet, much like the Easter weekend, but hopefully full of valuable advice on how to make sure your team members are living together in harmonious, communicated bliss – and thus ensuring the long-running and progressive success of your business.

Now obviously we’re a lovely, communicative bunch here at Pistachio, with our creative, design and strategic agency arms reaching out across Marlow, Nottingham and beyond, so why not get in touch today to see how we can help your business to flourish this year…