Yes it’s here, the moment you’ve all (probably not) been waiting for, the Valentine’s Day blog for 2021 has arrived.

Like everything in the past year, this is certainly going to be a V-Day with a difference, and because we could all do with celebrating a little love and happiness at the moment – rather than spewing vitriolic fire on it – I shall refrain from making this a complete Valentine’s Day massacre.

To help us plan for a CoValentine’s-19 that we can all at least smile blandly at in indifferent memory, here is your complete guide to surviving Valentine’s Day in a post-covid world.

Calling all the single pringles – if you’ve been single for the past year then you’ll already know that dating in a pandemic is hard AF. Therefore, your options for the day of luurveee are pretty limited. However, we’d hate to keep a good love story down, so you have three viable options if you’re determined to still get your fix this V-Day.

Number 1, organise a virtual romantic meal in with the first passable person you match with on the dating app of your choice. This way, if your date becomes irksome or gets emotional about anything to do with the premiership then you can tell them they have absolutely no authority here and Jackie Weaver them out.

Number 2, if you’d like to see your Valentine’s boo (who’s not really your official boo but you want to be your boo) in person then why not organise a sub-zero V-Day jog around the park? Then you can pant adoringly at each other from 2meters distance as the icy air freezes your toes off. Seems super romantic / highly unnecessary.

Number 3, thankfully, for those in doubt about quite how close you can get to a prospective life partner during covid, the Terrance Higgins Trust has put together this handy guide on how to safely get amorous face to face – spoiler alert, it doesn’t sound that fun…

Some tips for the long-haulers – while being single during this strange and isolating time might seem like the worse option, we know there are plenty of co-habiters out there who’d give their share of the remote away for a dine-in luxury meal for one this Valentine’s (just for a little respite from the locked-down mayhem). Well, in the spirit of a commercial holiday that is able to monetise the concept of love on a masse scale, why not put on your big person pants and try and re-ignite a little romance with these top tips instead.

Gifts – if you must insist on marking the day with the person you’ve seen far too much of during the last 11 months, then your best bet is probably wrapping up the gift of unlimited childcare so they can get TF away from you for a while. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that only having 3.5 minutes per day to one’s self in the bathroom isn’t the greatest aphrodisiac of all time.

Dinner date – as we can’t go out, creating a romantic dinner in the confines of the home you have been tethered to for the best part of a year will need some extra creativity. We suggest getting dressed up, selecting a pre-arranged time to use the bathroom without getting interrupted to de-fuzz, and pre-selecting your Bridgerton episode of choice to set the after-dinner tone. You are welcome.

Ignore it – if your tolerance for Valentine’s day celebrations is already pretty low, then this year could be the perfect time to kick it to the curb completely. If you really are a lost cause, and that is very much ok, then save your money and spend it on more things you don’t need from Amazon Prime that you have to hide in the garage anyway – and stick on a horror movie (aka the news).

All in all we wish you a pleasant and fun-filled Valentine’s Day this year and implore you to (safely) spread a little love as much as you can to those who need it most. And, if you’re thinking of attracting some new customer’s this year (see what we did there) simply get in touch with us today, we’d love to hear from you!