‘Can you do this today?’ ‘This is urgent, I need a quick turnaround!’ ‘This needs doing ASAP!!’ – recognise any of these?

If, like us, you deal with clients on a daily basis then these proclamations will probably sound all too familiar to you. You know the drill, you receive a panicked call from a client, they need you to whip something up out of thin air to help them win that pitch/present to the board/impress their customers – you listen to them, reassure them that you understand their needs and that yes you can indeed make all of their wildest dreams come true because you know that you have the best strategists, marketers and designers in your team (no? just Pistachio?). The only problem is, they want it done NOW, this day, this second, sometimes even yesterday… and even though you know that your team can deliver above and beyond for the client, you also know that the pressure of completing any creative project in such a condensed amount of time, is likely to impact on the quality of that finished product.

Of course, there are times when we simply must just roll up our sleeves and get the job done as quickly as possible – no questions asked – because life happens. Crisis, disaster and good old human error, can strike at any moment and it is our job as successful business people, and compassionate human beings, to help to solve these problems as efficiently and effectively as possible, especially when our clients are in need. But there are also times when a little clarity, forward thinking and diplomacy can go a long way in ensuring that your team is able to produce the best quality creative that your clients want and need.

Now we know it’s a Monday afternoon and you have many more important things to be reading instead of this blog post, so to make this process a little easier for you we’ve included some visual aids to better help you demonstrate to your clients why creativity should not be rushed and how the quality of creative work can diminish when people try to complete a project too quickly. Below are some videos that have been produced by creative types with far more free time on their hands than us – but hopefully they can help us all to realise how we can work a bit smarter to get the most out of our work, our agency and our clients.

*disclaimer, these videos are also funny, as well as being short and effective.

Thanks for reading! Interested to know what Pistachio actually do for our lovely clients who never ever put us under too much pressure to produce our masterpieces…? Check out some of our latest work here.