Creepily creative facts about design

Ready to learn some extra spooky facts about creative design, branding, animation and more? Luckily for you, we’ve been brewing up just the potion…

Ready to feel creepily creative?

Halloween is nearly upon us, mwhahahaha. And while you superglue your devilish costumes together and carve out your juicy pumpkins, we’re brewing up a cauldron of ‘spook-tastic inspired facts about creative services that will send shivers of excitement and inspiration down your spine.

From animation that brings your story to life like Frankenstein’s monster to branding that casts a mesmerising spell on your audience, here’s why Halloween is the perfect time to take those pins out of your business growth voodoo dolls.

Fact 1: Animation – the enchanted art of storytelling

Spookiness level: 👻👻

Did you know animation can breathe life into your brand like a supernatural force? How? Because animated stories are not your typical fairy tales. They are the magic mirrors that reflect your brand’s essence and help deliver a compelling narrative to your audience without them even realising it. Pretty creepy right? Yes! But you needn’t fear it, many big feel-good brands like Nespresso and McDonalds have all used the art of animation to keep audiences hooked. So why shouldn’t you?

After all, creating an enchanting animation that will haunt your audience until they’re driven to maniacal heights of engagement is exactly what Beelzebub orders this Hallows Eve.

Our favourite Halloween-inspired animation? It has to be this from M&M’s.

Fact 2: Branding – the haunting emblem of identity

Spookiness level: 👻👻👻

Branding isn’t just about logos; it’s about creating a brand image that lingers like a persistent ghost in the night. That means you should always be looking to create a brand identity that is unique and unforgettable. Think of it like a haunting melody wafting around a derelict Victorian mansion. Anyone who stumbles across it is unlikely to forget it in a hurry, and they’re as sure as hellfire going to tell that same story around the campfire too.

A few heavy-weight brands that spring to mind when we think of branding that packs a ghoulish punch include Airbnb and Ikea. Which means there’s only one thing for it, it’s time to don your best white nightgown and crawl out of the screen into people’s homes…and stay there.

Our favourite brand that always lives and breathes spooky season? Guinness takes the top spot.

Fact 3: Website design and development – the ghostly gateway

Spookiness level: 👻👻👻👻

Your website is the gateway to your brand’s digital realm. That means that your website design and development should construct a portal that’s both user-friendly and eerily captivating, much like The Year of Greta and Duolingo. The idea is to suck users in so they never want to leave. Much like when people sit glued to a terrifying horror film. It’s eye-popping and bloodthirsty and they love it – and they always want more.

Our favourite Halloween-focused website? Check out The Ghost Bus Tours.

Fact 4: Copywriting – the chilling art of persuasion

The power of words is undeniable. What is there that a persuasive narrative can’t lure you into doing? Well, when it comes to Republicans in the US, not much it would seem. Undemocratic violent outbursts aside however, what your copy should channel is the vibe of every impossibly good-looking vampire in a teenage sitcom. That means your words need to be hypnotic, memorable and hard to ignore. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this unbelievably clever use of persuasive advertising writing from Heinz – featuring a frighteningly good performance from everyone’s favourite red headed singer.

Want to know what our favourite bit of spooky penmanship is? Without a doubt  Premier Inn’s ‘No tricks, just treats’ campaign earns the kill.

Fact 5: Videography – the phantom of moving pictures

Spookiness level: 👻👻👻👻👻

If a time-traveller from the 1600’s arrived in 2023 today they’d immediately set about burning us all for witchcraft, yes even you boomers. Why? Because video is everywhere. From your phone to your desktop to your television screens. All we see is an eery loop of talking heads, all telling us how to think, eat and sleep. No, this isn’t a creepy psychological thriller we’re stuck in, it’s modern-day life baby – and brands should be using video to conjure up a feast for all the senses. Just look at how Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk campaign video truly leaves the competition seething in the shadows.

Fancy a final scare? Watch Burger King’s genius 2017 Halloween video advert offering here.

Don’t let your creative needs haunt you.

Spooky season or not, we always make sure your brand’s dreams come true and don’t turn into ghoulish nightmares. Our call to action? Don’t let anything scare you when it comes to prioritising your brand and what it needs to succeed. Instead, reach out and we can get planning a campaign that will leave your audience spellbound all year round!

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻