It’s not often we take the time to shout about a specific project, but this one has really got us excited.



One of our current clients, a food retailer, initially came to us for help in building engagement with their existing customer base. Keen to find a way to increase customer loyalty and inspire repeat purchases, we began looking at ways to drive their repeat custom even higher.

Already strong in their front-end marketing and their ability to guide potential customers to their e-commerce platform, it was the sweet spot of making sure customers returned again and again that needed a little boost and some expert refinement. This is where Team Pistachio came in…

To tackle the problem, initially, we carried out a full review of their website, identified several potential blockers to customer satisfaction and several areas where we could improve potential upsell and cross-sell. The end goal was to increase the user experience across the entire site, removing any unnecessary blockers and distractions to the customer experience and ensuring that the navigation, usability, and accessibility of the site was as seamless as possible.

Once these design issues had been identified and amended, we also set about implementing the following elements:

● Regularly scheduled offers and discounts
● Data collection initiative to build their newsletter audience, including an incentive-based signup process
● Weekly email-shot campaign to existing customers and contacts
● The creation of a marketing automation strategy that analysed basket abandonment and identified similar practices that were affecting the point of sale

Now six months on from when we began, and we’re delighted to see some amazing results including:

• 35% month on month average newsletter growth rate
• 21% overall online turnover increase
• 50% average campaign open rate
• 15% average campaign click rate

And it’s not just the Pistachio team who are thrilled with the outcome, Nick Howdle of Meat & Co is also pretty chuffed the results too…

“The uptake we’ve seen because of this campaign has been fantastic. As always, the Pistachio team didn’t miss a beat in coming up with a solution that made sense, worked hard, and delivered. As a result, we’re now able to see much more customer engagement and enjoy a higher level of returning customers – great work team!”

Sometimes even the most well-oiled of marketing machines can do with a little boost to help take things to the next level. If you’d like to find out how we can help with improving your user experience and increasing that all-important customer engagement online for your business, simply get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!