When running a business, email is still a very effective way of reaching people, engaging with your customers and retaining loyalty for your brand. Plus, with everyone now even more glued to their remote devices thanks to little Mz ‘Rona, email is once again fast emerging as the marketing tool that can’t be beaten. And, with 34% of the ENTIRE population of the world using email, a figure that’s set to rapidly rise every single year, it’s clear that email marketing is here to stay.

Here’s 6 reasons why we think email should be a key part of your marketing strategy…

1. It’s more personal than Social Media – email is a very personal way of reaching your target customers. One scroll of your inbox and you’ll see emails from friends, family and colleagues. Therefore, if a brand is in there too, that’s a pretty privileged place for it to be. That’s why it’s so important that marketing emails are well crafted and personalised. Social media is a great channel for interacting with your audience and securing a personal relationship with them, but email is far more effective at achieving the marketing holy grail – conversion. According to a study by eMarketer customer acquisition via email marketing has quadrupled in the last five years, and that trend looks set to continue at a very steady rate.

2. It’s cost-effective – email marketing is easy, effective and inexpensive. A sure-fire way to reach a large number of customers for the cost of one well-tuned (and designed) message. For businesses looking to stick to a budget but still yield results, email is the channel that has proven time and time again to generate the highest ROI for marketers. Think about it, there’s no printing, postage or daily management costs. Plus, you can back up any information by including links to your website or additional marketing assets within the email.

3. It’s customisable – with email marketing you’re able to segment your audience into lists, sending each target audience a tailored message that’s providing real value. When you write a post for a social media channel, your website or a physical marketing asset, it’s usually a generic CTA to your wider audience. However, if you use your email marketing resources correctly, you can not only address individuals by name, but you can also tweak your messaging to specified segments, making sure that your customers are getting the most relevant and valuable information for them.

4. It’s action orientated – emails are man-made to encourage people to respond to them. Whether it’s reply, forward, CTR or sign up, there’s a high chance that if someone has read your email then they’re more likely to engage and actually respond to it. As you develop your marketing strategy as a whole, a transactional tool such as email will allow you to see results almost straight away, making it a cost=-effective and efficient way of driving sales, and traffic, to your website or business.

5. It’s measurable – unlike other forms of digital marketing, email is the one that is most easily measured in terms of ROI. There’s no guesswork. Any email marketing software worth its salt will track who opened your email, which links were clicked and when, plus who unsubscribed (the swines!).

6. It’s completely mobile – because everyone is now so diligently glued to their smart phones, people are checking their emails all the time. In line at the supermarket, in a waiting room, in between zoom calls, even during an ad or a loo break. Therefore, alongside the popularity of social media platforms, email should also not be forgotten or side-lined when recognising its accessibility in the modern world.

Now that you’ve read our 6 reasons why email marketing is the key to an engaging and successful marketing plan, how do you go about creating a campaign that looks and sounds the part? That’s where we come in. Simply get in touch today to learn more about how we can help email marketing enhance your brand.