It was #NationalPoetryDay on Twitter yesterday, and it was also Emmy’s 6 year anniversary of working at Pistachio. Coincidence? We think not.

So, in aid of celebrating 6 wonderful years of working with the delectable Eman Malash, we’ve written her a little poem that the literary greats would be proud of (we hope).

Darling Emmy, your smile brightens up even the drabbest of grey morning skies,
Your infectious laugh, and funny tales ensure that our time at work really flies,
We love you working beside us, especially when you bring us sweet treats,
And we like it even more when you get down to your funky Arabian beats!

How lucky we are to have had you with us for 6 whole years of your life,
Together we have been through, tears, tantrums and plenty of strife,
But one thing has remained constant throughout all of this time,
And that is that your design and creative skills are simply sublime!

So, here’s to hoping that we’ll be blessed with so many more years with you by our side,
Because without you to keep our spirits up all day we would surely have to run and hide,
Congratulations Emmy, we appreciate you so very much for all that you do,
We just hope that you love working with us as much as we do with you!!

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