Today we wish a fond farewell to our wonderful Account Manager, Ella who is off to pastures new to embark on her next adventure.

To let Ella know how much we’re going to miss her, the team have got together to compile a list of all the things we’re going to miss most about her…

Paul, Pistachio Director

“Aside from being a superb AM, and a great asset to the Pistachio team, the one thing that I’m REALLY going to miss about Ella is her never-ending stash of biscuits that she has stored in her desk which are always whipped out during times of need, helping to keep hunger….and stress levels… firmly at bay!! Thankfully she’s kept us well-stocked, so although we sadly have to say goodbye to her…at least she’s sweetened her departure just a little … ;)”

Marie, Pistachio Director

“The one thing that I will especially miss about Ella is her bubbly laugh that always fills the office at just the right time!! Also, Ella is actually harbouring a secret talent of being an amazing photographer, so I will very much miss seeing all of her amazing wildlife photos…plus utilising her skills when we need a good team selfie!! Thank you Ella, and best of luck on your next adventure!”

Emmy, Designer

“Ella has the most infectious laugh that never fails to brighten up my day, even when things are busy and stressful, she always manages to get the team laughing with that distinctive chuckle! I’m also going to miss all of her exciting stories about the places she has visited, and is yet to visit…! I know Ella has many more adventures ahead of her, and I am looking forward to hearing all about them!”

Chris, Creative Director, Pistachio Nottingham

“Although I don’t get to see Ella on a day-to-day basis, as I’m in the Nottingham office, I’m really going to miss her daily therapy sessions via Slack. No matter the client’s demands, concerns or (sometimes) outlandish requests Ella is always on hand to reassure, mediate, and coerce many a designer off a ledge… so thank you Ella, for your support and your no-nonsense attitude!”

Rich, Designer

“What am I going to miss most about Ella? Everything!! But most of all, our pow-wow lunchtime gym sessions and her all round positive attitude that is contagious amongst the Pistachio team. All in all, she’s an all-round top lass and she’ll be missed very much!”

Charlotte, Comms & Account Manager

“There’s so much I’m going to miss about Ella, I feel like I’m losing a limb! She’s the first person to lend a hand when things get busy at work and she’s also the first to say ‘yes’ to the pub when we need a well-earned drink! I’m sad to see Ella go, but I know that in her I’ve made a friend for life, so I look forward to many more pub-sessions to come!”

So there you have it Ella, a firm reminder that you have been an invaluable asset to the team and will be dearly missed by us all. Thank you for your hard-work and dedication to Pistachio and for contributing to the growth and success of the agency, we know you have a bright future ahead of you and life-time of adventure and travel to come!!

And a final word from Ella herself…

“Working at Pistachio has honestly been the best time. The team are absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to spend my day with. The banter is top notch, and we’ve had endless day to day laughs and fun outings! They have made me feel so at home from day one and I’ll truly miss everyone from this fabulous agency! I’ll always be a Pistachio at heart 😉 “

Bon voyage, auf Weidersehen, ciao, adieu – we will miss you!!