The most anticipated day of February is almost upon us! You may be thinking ‘Please! Not another Valentine’s reminder!’ No need to panic… because for so many, including myself, the most anticipated day next week will be the one and only – Pancake Day!

What a great day Shrove Tuesday is! There’s little chance of disappointment … you can’t really be rejected by a pancake, can you? And with so many different toppings, you will always be spoilt for choice – how delightful!

Let’s face it, you’re a little bit excited, aren’t you? The thought of smothering that crispy goodness with your daily intake of calories for dinner, and it being socially acceptable to do so, it’s the dream right?! So-long health kick January, hello ‘you deserve it, treat yourself’ February!

Now you may not believe what I’m about to say, but, there is so much we can learn from the joys of Pancake Day alone. Are you ready…?

– Never trust someone who chooses savoury over sweet …. enough said.

– Perseverance: The first pancake is always a tester, but never fear, you can try, try and try again until you get the perfect pancake, perseverance is the key to success!

– Be Creative: You’ve made 20+ pancakes, mostly for yourself, in your ambition to create the perfect golden crisp circle. Why not try a new topping? If it doesn’t work at least you had a go, you might find your favourite candied garnish combo and be more fulfilled in life, quite literally!

– Passion ignites passion: In sharing your pancake experience with others, you might learn something new, discover a new topping you’d never have thought of – who knew your colleague was a culinary genius or that they were a pistachio (see what I did there?) and Nutella kinda guy? Take risks, they will more than likely pay off, it’s still the start of the year after all.

– Over sharing is caring: There is a smidgen of a Valentine’s influence here, but hey, why not combine the happiness Pancake Day brings with your loved ones. Show everyone how much you care with your mouth-watering pancakey yumminess! I say this, but I’m not usually a fan of combining celebratory days, my birthday being the day after Valentine’s, so if my significant other is reading this – you can’t get away with combining all 3 days by presenting me with a delicious chocolate packed stack of sugary delights – there is a line!

– Force everyone to participate: Everyone loves pancakes right?! Well sometimes they just need reminding, mainly with a nice towering stack of chocolate indulged pancakes!

And the fun doesn’t stop with pancake day, why not seep this pancake wisdom into other areas of your life this flippin’ fabulous February? Try new things, be more adventurous, put yourself out there in the workplace. Let your bold confectionary choices influence your Feb and ‘spice up your life,’ as an iconic girl group once said.

If you want to ignite some creativity and passion in your life with a little bit of perseverance thrown in, drop me a line at Pistachio and I’ll tell you all about our poppin’ pancakes, the brands we flip and more…