What a glorious morning to have arisen,
The 6th year of Pistachio enjoying Chris’s creative vision,
A Nottingham lad to his very core,
His inspiring designs are the stuff of legendary folklore.

For some, 6 years might seem like a very long time,
But for the team, working with Chris is simply divine,
For he knows how to make us all laugh,
And he has so many fans up in Notts, they all clamour to get his autograph.

We really are very lucky to have a designer such as Chris on our team,
Because he’s a true talent and his coffee making skills are a such dream,
So Chris, keep striving to create the best designs that you can administer,
And from everyone here at Pistachio, all Hail the mighty Christopher!

Happy Six year anniversary Chris! Thank you for all of your hard work!

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