Happy 5th Anniversary at Pistachio Emmy!

We are privileged today to be celebrating 5 years of Emmy Malash being a valued and treasured Pistachio employee. Emmy works as part of our very talented design team here at Pistachio HQ in Marlow and is a firm favourite amongst staff and clients alike – always coming to work wearing a smile, and yet another pair of sequinned sandals – we’d be lost without her boundless energy lighting up the office everyday!

Emmy’s infectious passion for the world around her matches her natural talent for great design ideas, and she continues to deliver fantastic work for Pistachio year on year – when’s she’s not too busy coo-ing over baby photos that is!

And as if that wasn’t gushing enough…here’s few words from Paul, aka the boss:

“Today, we find ourselves celebrating 5 years of Emmy being part of the Pistachio family and what a fabulous member of the team she is! Our very own Queen Nefertiti, she not only brings a whirlwind of a personality to proceedings, but also a huge dose of fun and joy to the office. We are very grateful to have her and all the great work she produces for us and our clients – so a big thank you to Emmy, and here’s to another 5 years!”

And obviously we couldn’t let the day pass without a few words from the woman herself:

“I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I started working at Pistachio. I love it here, it is my escape from the madness of life and I do consider it to be my second home. Everyone has always been wonderful and supportive – except when they make me listen to Radio One every day!! The busy -yet fun and casual atmosphere – makes working here so enjoyable, motivating and inspiring and I consider myself so lucky to be a part of the Pistachio family.”

So congratulations Emmy – thanks for putting up with us!!

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