Have your (Birthday) cake and eat it!

With dentists calling for an end to “cake culture” at work, you might resign yourself to thinking your Birthday will be just like any other day in the office. However, this won’t worry a growing number of us lucky enough to get our Birthday off as a free day’s holiday.

Apart from the obvious reasons, there’s also a number of benefits to the business too! By encouraging employees to celebrate their Birthday—not that we need persuading—employers are showing that they care about our emotional wellbeing. Giving someone a day off makes them much happier. And, as studies have proved, being happy at work makes you more productive.

A day off (with no obligations) is a “free day” when you get the chance for a little “me” time. No phone calls. No emails. A birthday off may not take away that impending deadline. But it gives you time to relax and come back more refreshed, more focused and more engaged to meet and beat it. Result: win-win.

At Pistachio, we’re always seeking the hottest talent to be part of our creative family. With generous perks, competitive salaries, a great office location, a 3-in-1 games table and Birthdays off work, you really can have your cake and eat it.