Focusing on a Friday is darn hard. We know it, you know it, the dog knows it. It’s the end of the week, the culmination of all your hard work building up into one final crescendo of ‘well, this can wait until Monday’.

*Narrator – this could, in fact, most definitely not wait until Monday.

And, with the days getting warmer, restrictions getting lighter, and football edging ever closer to home (wahey) Fridays at this time of year can cause quite the stumbling block when it comes to getting stuff done.

Well, do not fear, because if we’re good at anything, it’s providing you with another way to lose 5 minutes out of your working day to offer up advice that you most likely didn’t ask for. So, without further ado, here are our top tips for how to stay motivated on a Friday…

Drink water – start early and start determined. The key to a successful Friday at work is using paid company time to stay hydrated enough to ensure that when you hit the G&T’s come 4 pm you’re giving yourself a fighting chance of not cursing your life come Saturday morning.

Work in short bursts – when the end of the working week is nigh, keeping your attention on the important matters at hand can seem like the tallest order. There’s no point in pretending that you’re going to get a mammoth 10-hour staring at your screen day on a Friday, so do yourself a favour and break it up into short, sharp chunks. That way, you can feel like you’ve achieved something at the end of the day while still maintaining that Friyay Feeling without the inconvenience of a hard day’s graft dragging you down.

Mind your business – it’s Friday, much like Monday, no one really wants to be there, and no one really wants to be bothered. If you feel the need to chase someone for work that they probably won’t be doing post 12pm or dump something on their desk that’s going to cause some sizeable Sunday blues, just…don’t. Don’t be that guy. It’s the freakin’ weekend, it really can wait. Just be cool.

Have a goal – whether it’s achieving one singular piece of work, or twenty, or simply just making it to the end of the day without crying, set the goal and stick to it. It’ll make it easier for you to get there and gives you something tangible to hang on to when the mirage of the clock striking 5.30 pm is clouding your judgement. You can do it; just visualise it and it shall be yours by the time the first prosecco bottle pops.

Be thankful – you’ve done it. You’ve survived another week and your life is still intact (well, hopefully). Life is strange and stressful, and Britney is still not free, so don’t beat yourself up if hasn’t all been smooth sailing and super productive. We’re all just doing our best (well, except the judge presiding over Britney’s conservatorship) so give yourself a pat on the back and give Friday the thumbs up for simply being, well Friday.

It might only be the start of another week, but one thing we can be sure of is that time and tide waits for no one, and another tantalising Friday will be with us again in no time. So, keep your goals in mind, your week productive and your bar fully stocked ready for the sweet, sweet release of that most precious of days – the big F.

And, if you fancy talking to us about your next project or campaign? Simply drop us a line today, we’d love to hear from you.