How To Pick The Right Advertising & Marketing Agency In Marlow

Are you keen to start your marketing campaign this Christmas?

Choosing a marketing and advertising agency can be a tricky process. After all, you want a team that genuinely cares about improving the image and reputation of your business. You also want experts with useful, up to date skills that benefit your company. In other words, it’s vital to find an agency that has skilled individuals who ‘know their stuff’!


Here are just a few ways to find the best advertising and marketing agency in Marlow:

Firstly, work out what your goals are, along with your budget. 

Understanding what you want to achieve before searching for these types of services is key.

Not all marketing agencies offer the same kind of services. Some specialise in specific areas like digital marketing, social media, SEO, or traditional advertising. You don’t want to waste your time courting those which don’t have the skills you need.

It’s best to set out clear, measurable goals and establish a budget for these services.

Pistachio Design has a multi talented team who are based locally in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, making us ideal for businesses in the local area. However, we also work with those further afield and can take on all kinds of projects.

Our highly skilled team can offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Digital and interactive services
  • Animation
  • Strategy and planning, including advertising
  • Creative design
  • Copywriting

We’re committed to delivering a winning mixture of creative and communication services.

Consider whether the agency is suitable for your industry.

One way to do this is to look at whether they’ve worked with similar businesses to yours.

Consider their track record, client reviews, case studies, and portfolio. As you’ll see from our previous projects, we’ve worked with a wide range of amazing clients.

You want to ensure the agency’s expertise matches your needs. Pistachio is well known for our creativity and innovation in our campaigns. We always strive to offer fresh ideas and strategies that align with your brand identity.

Consider meeting their team in person, or scheduling a call. 

This is a great way to ask about their approach to marketing, their process, and how they plan to address your goals. You can also discuss your vision and gauge their levels of understanding and enthusiasm.

Our team in Marlow is always happy to do this with you. We appreciate it’s important to look at the culture of an agency and to see if it meets your values. You want to find out if you’re compatible and likely to enjoy a productive and successful partnership.

Find an agency in Marlow that cares about good communication. 

We pride ourselves on our transparency and communication. Our team works with you to create strategies, create progress reports, and help you overcome challenges faced during campaigns.

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Ask for references and look at examples of their work.

On our website, you’ll find several case studies online. This will give you insights into their strategies, success stories, and how we handle challenges.

Once you pick an agency, it’s important to review contracts thoroughly. It’s vital you understand the terms, services included, payment structure, timelines, and any additional fees or clauses.

Ultimately, you want an agency with a proven track record of delivering results and meeting or exceeding client expectations. That comes guaranteed when you choose Pistachio Design.

We can act as your strategic partner, take the time to understand your business objectives and can help you achieve them with creative and effective campaigns.

Find out more about our marketing agency in Marlow or simply get in touch today.