The title of this blog might seem pretty simple. It should be. Because if you’re a polite and genuine human being you should be well adept by now at saying thank you to those who’ve done you a good service. The only problem is, us Brits do say it an awful lot. This isn’t an issue, it’s a jolly good thing that we’re all so very nice to each other (when we want to be) but the overuse of the phrase, particularly across work emails and messages, can make it seem a little disingenuous.

To help you out and ensure that your clients, team members and employees really do feel valued and buoyed by your thankful sentiments, we’ve come up with a list of all of the best ways to genuinely say Thank You, without, you know, just saying Thank You.
Here goes…

At the V – but make it cool:

“Thank you very much” has long been used to emphasise that you are VERY thankful, and not just regular thankful, for someone’s help. However, in today’s chit-chat centric comms this phrase can seem a little formal and outdated.

“Thank you so much” however has become a popular phrase for email sign-offs and expresses a really genuine feeling of gratitude. It’s colloquial yet sincere, and that extra dash of sugar really does help to go a long way sometimes.

The Holy Hard-Work Grail:

Sometimes you’ve got to show your appreciation and hit ‘em with the 1|2 jab cross. That’s a double whammy of gratitude AND praise. “Thank you for all your hard work on this” is an effective way of recounting the awesome thing that someone did – and it shows that you’ve taken note of that.

Bring the furniture into it:

What is it that you’re thankful for about this person or what they’ve done? Their sense of humour? Their due diligence? Their unique creativity? “I’m so thankful for (insert amazing superhero skill here) and let them know exactly what it is that they bring to the table.

You never know, it might be the first time they’ve actually been told it.

Grate to the fullest:

When we say we’re thankful for someone or something we are expressing our gratitude. Telling someone that you are grateful for their support can be a really impactful way of telling someone that you appreciate them that hits a little bit harder than the usual thank-you.

And as always, be sure to tell them what it is about their skill set that you’re especially grateful for.

To infin…above and beyond:

Very often people really do go above and beyond for us. It might sound cheesy but saying it really does make a difference. They might not even realise how much of a positive impact their actions have made on your day or project. So, pointing out that they’ve gone above what you were expecting is always a great way to encourage more productivity, passion and initiative in the future.

When the going gets tough:

A consequence of life is that sometimes, things get a little rough. They’ll always been trials, tribulations and conflicts to iron out at home and at work, so when someone fights your corner for you, be sure to acknowledge the effort.
‘Thanks for being in my corner” signals that you appreciate their support but keeps the sentiment short, clean and professional.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork:

Telling someone that you’re glad they’re on your team is inclusive and uplifting for team members who are trying to prove their worth. The same applies for clients and partners.

Reminding someone of the value they bring to the relationship, whether potential or realised, will install a sense of loyalty and trust between you and can only mean positive things for more successful collaborations.

Thanks for reading our favourite ways to say thank you. Making sure your team, colleagues, customers and clients know that they’re valued and appreciated is paramount to producing good work. So, know your audience and how to get the best out of them.

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