I have a tendency to talk a lot. Not out loud, might I add, but usually via the medium of my keyboard, keypad or Snapchat filter – and sometimes to myself – but that’s a different story for another time.

My point being that I like to be connected, connected to all people, all things and at all times. I like reading stories, I like telling stories and I like absorbing all of the magic and creativity that buzzes around on the World Wide Web every minute of every day. Yes, I said World Wide Web – I heard it’s making a vocab comeback, OK?

In the real world however we all have to make a living, so I’m delighted that my way of doing so has led me right to Pistachio’s door. The team, the office and the work they do is all abuzz with creativity, talent and drive, so I knew from the minute that I drove onto the serene countryside setting of this vibrant agency that I would feel right at home. That, and I did spy some beers chilling in the fridge.

Here are some key things to note from my initial first few days at Pistachio:

– Actual real-life cows live onsite
– Emmy has the most luxurious locks I have ever seen
– Ella is very talented at making tea but even more so at taking amazing travel photos
– I accidentally used the men’s toilets (thankfully undetected) on my first day
– Paul laughs A LOT
– Rich believes that he is doing a great job of growing a beard
– Chris draws pictures of people so that he has someone to talk to
– Maidenhead train station is running a racket on the price of chocolate buttons
– Rob is the font of all knowledge
– Marie doesn’t like shoes

As you can see, it sounds like a TERRIBLE place to work so let’s all #prayforcharlotte … I jest I jest, I’m delighted to be joining the team at Pistachio as Comms and Account Manager and I have already been given the opportunity to work with some amazing clients!

Now embarking on the start of my third week at Pistachio I feel like a fully-fledged member of the team, which is testament to the very welcoming and jovial atmosphere in the office, and I’m eager to be a part of all of the exciting projects that we have on the horizon.

Pistachio produce high quality work for such a wide range of exciting clients. Not only this, but they seek to test the limits of traditional campaigns and really work to get under the skin of their clients in order to produce innovative ideas and projects. Having spent most of my working life client-side, focusing on marketing communications for one specific industry at a time, I found that the really valuable part of my creativity was sometimes being sidelined – so being given the opportunity to work at Pistachio, somewhere that celebrates creativity and personality, is such an amazing prospect!

My role at Pistachio is set to be a diverse one, as I’ll also be implementing my PR and Communications skills into the wider Pistachio offering and ultimately keeping the agency connected and engaged online. So, if you want to see what we’re up to, read about some of our work, or simply say hello, make sure you tweet, like and connect with us online today!

Additionally, if you would like to connect with me to discuss your next project or campaign, please get in touch now: 01628 298434 | charlotte@pistachiodesign.com