We just love welcoming a new nutty team member into the Pistachio fold. This is why it brings us unbridled joy to introduce new Customer Success Manager, Lee!

With an impressive 10-year background in the print industry, including litho, digital and Giclee fine art, when it comes to knowing what it is you want, when you want it, Lee is the go-to guy. Thanks to his genuine passion for problem solving, Lee’s career has firmly been built on the foundation of resolving complex client issues that ensure the success of a marketing campaign and help businesses to flourish. From traditional print through to launching an app, ultimately Lee’s sweet spot is helping brands to thrive in the big bad world.

But if you thought Lee was just a well-oiled marketing-robot-extraordinaire, you’d be very much mistaken. Often found performing, listening to, and playing 60s music, Lee’s also a dab hand at making people laugh. With a pipedream of one day dipping his toe into the world of stand-up comedy, it’s safe to say that having a talented lol-inducer on the team is right up Team Pistachio’s Street.

For Lee, family always comes first, which is a value that runs through the very core of the Pistachio outfit. Already a father of one, Lee is currently eagerly awaiting the birth of his second child – and personally we cannot wait for a new little mini-Pistachio to fawn over (plus deck out in branded swag).

So, what’s on the agenda for Lee now he’s a fully-fledged member of the team? Well, first and foremost he’ll be helping C’ptain of the ship, Paul, in servicing all of Pistachio’s lovely clients. From developing valuable relationships to making sure a brands needs are understood, and visions are realised, to ensuring our design studio and comms team deliver the magic our clients know and love us for. With his extensive design knowledge and expertise, Lee will be on hand to manage projects from inception to fruition, seamlessly and strategically – a real asset to the team, one might surmise.

To get to know a Lee a little better, we’ve provided a quick-fire Q&A to whet the appetite…

Q: Favourite writing utensil?
A: The BIC 1.6mm in blue. Simply, no other will do – it’s the spinach to my Pop-Eye.

Q: Next item on your bucket list?
A: To do a skydive. Because who doesn’t want to feel like Superman, just once.

Q: Top goal for the future (outside of work)?
A: To own a motorhome and make travelling with a young family as hassle free as possible – if there is such a thing!?

Q: Most annoying habit?
A: I will tap along to music at any given moment and often completely subconsciously. This music is usually in my head, but at least my colleagues get to hear that sweet, sweet rhythm…

And there you have it, your comprehensive guide to our newest team member. If you’ve got a question for Lee, or any member of the team, about your latest project or campaign, simply drop us a line today – we’d love to hear from you!