There is always a lot of talk around “Blue Monday” after the joyous festivities of December. Christmas now isn’t just a day or week or even a month, it has such a massive build up that people are bound to feel low after it is all over.

Me? Well I am in deep hibernation mode still. I know I should be looking to lose the Christmas pounds but I’m just not ready. It’s cold outside in Berkshire, I have to scrape my car in a morning (I hate scraping my car) and it is warm and comfy inside if our Cookham office. Not sure I’m blue as such, unless you count cold feet!

Is part of being blue the pressure that we all put ourselves under during January? Everyone at both Pistachio Cookham and Nottingham is trying to be “good” on the food front and there are murmurings of exercise and the start of training for the Oxford Town and Gown. There is always a lot of internal competition on timings, but the start of preparations and exercise plans have been slow this year. This is mainly because there have been so many colds, flu and coughs around that I don’t think anyone is feeling 100% in the office.

So, is January really blue? I can certainly understand why it is for some people and we are bombarded by the media about “New Year, New You”… I’m in no rush to find the new me, there are exciting times a head at Pistachio, loads of creative design ideas are flying around and January is always a busy time of year, so no time for me to be blue.

So, is there a deeper story here? I suppose we should just be happy as we are and if you want to make a change do it for you – not just because the media has decided we are all blue!