Keep on moving, it’s a sentiment that many of us are currently holding on to for dear life. Keep it up, keep moving forward, keep on going. Yes, it sounds exhausting but quite frankly what else is there to do?

Here at Pistachio, we’re committed to the idea that we’ve got to keep on moving to get to brighter days ahead, not just with work and tackling the pandemic, but also within ourselves. Physical health is mental health and the most sure-fire way to keep your brain moving in the right direction is to make sure your body is too.

So, this week we’ve come up with some very simple ways that help us to keep on moving in the hope that it will inspire you to get a wriggle on too. Plus, we want to make sure that, despite current restrictions, we’re all doing the best we can to be the best version of ourselves for our family, friends and colleagues.

Tip 1 – the power hour

Like most people we’re not quite sure whether it’s just an hour you’re allowed out for these days to stretch those achy limbs or not, but to err on the side of caution let’s say that it is. Plus, who really has the time between home-schooling, work, cleaning, crying and Loose Women to dedicate any more time to the art of physical exercise? Now when you manage to get your sneaky daily release into the big wide world the trick is not to put too much pressure on yourself. A brisk walk is as good of an adrenaline thumper as anything else so simply put one foot in front of the other and march to the beat of your own inner turmoil. I jest I jest, but really, nothing clears out the cobwebs on a stressed and worried mind quite like the natural elements. So, come rain, shine, hail or thunder, if you can muster up the strength for even the quickest spin around the block every day, we promise your blood pressure will thank you for it.

Tip 2 – rhythm is a dancer

Whether you’ve got two left feet or you’re a dance floor veteran, there is literally nothing else upon this earth that makes a heart skip with unbridled joy quite like an impromptu dance break. The beauty of dancing is that there are no rules, you can pick any song, you can tap out a rhythm on a saucepan, you can even grove to the music playing on an eery loop inside your own head, it doesn’t matter. Just throw those limbs around with reckless abandon whenever you get the chance to and the calorie deficit will take care of itself. And if you aren’t smiling, or at the very least in awe of your intrinsic rhythmic prowess by the end of it, then quite simply you are just not trying hard enough.

Tip 3 – laugh till your belly aches

What’s that wise old proverb – live, laugh, love? Jeooooke. But in all seriousness, laughter really is the best medicine. No matter what life is currently throwing at you, if you can find one thing per day to cackle so hard at that your face feels like it’s going to fall off (no matter how macabre) your core will thrive, and your mind will be given the vibranium recharge that it needs to power on through life’s trials and tribulations. In fact, I take it back, laughter isn’t the best medicine, it’s the best weapon, so go forth and laugh in the face of anything that isn’t serving you like it should today, you’ve got this.

Tip 4 – fuel your body

Food is great isn’t it? It brings together communities, it evokes childhood memories, and it is what actually keeps the human body alive. So, if you’re lucky enough to have food on your table, make sure it’s bringing you joy, comfort and – most importantly – nutrition. It’s easy to see food as the enemy, or to abuse treats when times seem tough, but don’t forget that when we put good things inside our hungry little mouths, we release lots of enzymes and vitamins that help to keep our hearts, muscles and (most importantly) our brains balanced and healthy. Plus, if you’re giving your body the fuel that it needs to get through the week without a breakdown then there’s a much higher chance that it’ll turn a blind eye when you indulge in those all-important vino-cheese-chocolate-sweets-pizza nights every so often.

Yes, life is weird right now, but life is always weird and hard things are invariably always in our path. Remember, it’s the small things each day that give us the strength to go a long, long way and so if you’re feeling a little sick of your day to day right now, just crank the volume up and shake it off.

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