I haven’t seen one, but I have heard all about the new “craze” of Killer Clowns confronting people. It’s even happening in our local vicinity and has been reported in our local newspaper “The Maidenhead Advertiser” The police have felt the need to issue a statement, but it’s not only Maidenhead that has been effected.

The Telegraph has reported about the “creepiest sightings” in the UK. It starts by saying “As the ‘killer clown’ craze spreads across Britain, many witnesses have been documenting and sharing their encounters on social media.”

It goes on to say that this scary craze started in the US, before heading out to other countries and social media has spreading pictures of these terrifying clown encounters. The Times on Twitter has tied the whole thing in with Brexit…

But it goes further! BBC News has interviewed Matteo Moroni on “Why I am a killer clown”. It seems Mr Moroni has been pulling this prank for 3 years, he says he doesn’t believe what he does is cruel:

“Taxes are cruel,” he says. “I think that a good jog (even if you’re running away from a clown) never killed anybody. Everything is under my strict supervision and I spend hours preparing the prank scene to avoid anything going wrong”.

“I have people watching the area. Once we’ve pulled the prank we have people to run after the victim”. “Some people go crazy and I normally say that we were shooting a movie. After they’ve calmed down I reveal that it was a prank.”