We know that lockdown news can be a little bit overwhelming at the moment. And, with darker nights creeping in, the temperature dropping, and the prospect of a traditional family Christmas hanging very much in the balance, it’s not surprising that many of us are feeling the sting of a second lockdown a little more sharply than last time.

So, in true Pistachio style, we’re here to help when you need it the most by asking the team what they learnt from lockdown numero uno and how they’re applying it to lockdown round-two in order to make the process more palatable.

Here goes…

Paul, Pistachio Director

“During the first official lockdown earlier this year I definitely neglected looking after myself in order to ensure that my family, my business and my team were put first. What I’ve learnt to apply this time around is that my own wellbeing is also of paramount importance to make sure that I’m supporting my family, my business and my team effectively by giving them the best possible version of me that I can.”

Marie, Pistachio Director

“This year has been hard, there’s so much to adapt to and the changes keep coming. What I had to learn pretty quickly during the first lockdown was how to make a good coffee – especially as I’d just embarked on being a vegan when this all began. Without a decent coffee, things would have been a lot more difficult! Now, as we enter this lockdown, I feel confident in my abilities to cut myself an awesome fringe, plus I can now multi-task between watching Netflix and designing at the same time….so bring it on! Veganism is still damn hard though…”

Emmy, Designer

“When we were first put into lockdown it was quite a shock to the system – for our whole family. We found the whole thing quite unsettling. Now I feel a lot better equipped to deal with what’s ahead of us. This time around I’m going enjoy eating a lot more food guilt-free, forget about planning for the long-term and never ever worry that we might run out of toilet paper!!”

Chris, Designer

“The biggest thing to get used to during the first lockdown was having to turn the home into an office, full-time school and nursey. With a three-year-old and new-born to contend with, it’s safe to say that investing in noise cancelling headphones has been a godsend when trying to focus on work –I’m eager to see what new tech is developed as a result to help people in the same boat.”

Rich, Designer

“If this pandemic has taught me anything it’s that I’ve learned to not give in to fear and to try and keep a balanced outlook through research and understanding differing opinions. I’ve also cherished this time spent with my children and those closest to me. The key seems to be to stay productive, whatever form that takes for you.”

Charlotte, Comms Manager

“There’s a lot that I’ve found stressful about lockdown – especially during the first few weeks back in the spring when we had no idea what was to become of the world around us. I spent quite a long time lamenting the loss of my social freedoms and feeling pretty bleak about the future. However, now that we’re entering another round of restrictions, I’ve learnt that there’s still so much to be thankful for – a less polluted planet, a more politically engaged society and more time spent learning how to take a breather rather than learning how to avoid rush-hour.”

Like most of the country, each one of our experiences – and struggles – of this pandemic has been unique to us and we’re all moving through them in our own way. Who knows when the world will look like it did before Covid-19 came along, but what we do know is that there’s still a lot to learn along the way.

If you’re still figuring out how to adapt to a virtually focused world and need some help in getting your business back on the right track and at the forefront of your customers minds, why not get in touch today with us today – we’d love to help