Now I know that we might come across as being a little biased in saying this – but design really can make a difference, and not just in an aesthetically pleasing way – the right creative, no matter how small, can help to make a real impact on worthy causes.

The inspiration behind today’s post is due to some rather amazing feedback that we recently had from a client. We’d undertaken a small project for them in order to refresh and update the branding on a regular newsletter they send out. The purpose of the newsletter is to appeal for donations from school alumni to help fund charitable projects that the school undertakes abroad in deprived areas such as Kasai and Cameroon.

As part of the work, our design team here in Marlow created a new logo for the project and undertook some slight tweaks to the format of the newsletter to give it a more professional and engaging look and feel. The result? The newsletter produced an unprecedented response and the project received an overwhelming amount of donations. This means that the great work that the trust does can continue and more money is now available to be put into many more valuable community projects in the surrounding areas of Cameroon and Kasai, including the development of schools and educational facilities.

The trustees were so delighted with the impact that these small design changes had on their campaign that they sent us a heart-warming note of gratitude, one line in particular that really stood out to the design team was this:

“I know that you will probably never see these projects first hand, but please feel assured that the work you did for us behind the scenes is going to have a long lasting impact. You’ve made a real difference!”

What is most poignant about this tale is the small scale of the work involved in comparison to the huge positive impact that it’s made, not just on the trustees and donors, but on the people who’s lives will be directly benefitted by the charitable work that these donations will fund.

By simply taking a fresh pair of eyes to the creative design of the newsletter and engaging the team to bring the campaign to life with the introduction of a more professional looking logo, an aligned colour palette and a sleek and responsive design format, the project was able to ignite the interest of donors and inspire people to read about the cause and ultimately give their time and money towards it.

This project has been a pleasure to work on and it is a lovely reminder that sometimes, it’s the small design jobs that really do make a difference!

Thanks for reading today’s post, we hope that it is has inspired you as much as it has us. We are currently working hard to update our website with even more case studies that show off the big, and little, projects that we’ve been busy creating for our clients. So be sure to check in here now and in the future to see what our creative, strategic and design focused minds have been up to!