Ah, Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been reading our Thoughts page for a while now, you’ll know that we love a good V-Day bashing on a blog post. But alas, love is patient, love is kind and all that other nonsense (it’s a JOKE guys, ok?) so for the day of love itself this year, we’re looking at all the ways marketers can learn a trick or two from lil’ old Cupid.

Easy on the cheese

Yes, non-vegans, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH cheese. Not just for our digestive health but also when it comes to forcing a commercial message down people’s throats. The most successful Valentine’s winners are those who show a bit of class when it comes to wooing the object of their affections. And the same goes for advertising your brand, product, or special offer. If you’re trying to hook someone in, play it coy, be warm and inviting – but not too needy. Make them believe they need you, not that you need them. The result? Loyal customers who are impressed by your ingenuity and generosity, rather than being scared off by your cringe-worthy, and often desperate, proclamations.

Don’t be a basic bish

We’ve all seen the Instagram posts and Twitter feeds on Valentine’s. Posting ‘boy done good’ is quite literally the death knell of retaining any respect from your peers. Similarly, posting inauthentic, generic sales garb about your business or product has the same effect. The solution? Don’t be basic. Your brand is yours. It’s unique and it’s important. So, much like a fledgling relationship, don’t do it a disservice by posting updates that don’t mean anything and don’t offer any value to your audience.

Lower expectations

Valentine’s, like any kind of marketing campaign, can come with high (often unreasonable) expectations. We get it. You want it all and you want it now. How else can you measure your success/desirability if not surrounded by hundreds of premium (and sadly dying) red roses, or (in business terms) conversions? This isn’t quite how long-term success works, and it certainly isn’t how long-term relationships do either. The road is long and fraught with complications and setbacks. Therefore, if you’re trying to launch something new or different, be patient and don’t expect too much. Sometimes, it’s the little wins that end up getting us over the line more quickly.

Loyalty is key

We all know what happens to two-timers, right? Correct, they end up being admonished with a cutting one-liner by a loveable blonde in a mini skirt while Aretha Franklin rings in your ears demanding R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (man, I do love Bridget Jones). All jokes aside, when it comes to marketing your brand, loyalty is a concept that shouldn’t be ignored. When times look a little tough, or there’s a target to hit that seems impossible, it can be easy to look to an alternate, quick fix to achieve your aim. However, if this compromises your brand’s ethos, mission, or core values, don’t do it. Why? Because if you expect your customers to stay loyal, undermining their integrity with ill-thought-out or cheap solutions won’t always serve you well in the long run.

Get some stamina

It’s true, Valentine’s Day can bring out an unusual side to people. For example, believing that one commercialised day per year, that has no personal relevance to your life or relationships, is the pinnacle of giving and receiving love seems a little abstract when you say it out loud. Just the same as when one event, quarter or company crisis doesn’t define the overall success, dedication or value of your business and team. Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year, and really, if you love someone, they should probably feel like you do the other 364 days of the year too. Just like one good, or bad, thing to happen to your business isn’t the blueprint for its future longevity and success. So, get some perspective, remember that life is a marathon not a race, and get a little stamina when it comes to your marketing plans.

All in all, Valentine’s Day can go a long way in teaching us all how to keep the love and positivity going all year round. And, if you need a little help with your campaigns this year? Simply drop us a line us a line, we’d LOVE to hear from you…