Hi, I’m Rudelf, but you can call me Rudy.
I’m a happy chappy, who’s never moody.

I was born one mile North of the Pole.
In a small Elf Village, it’s just how I roll.

I spent my childhood making toys.
For all Earths little girls and boys.

Though to be honest that isn’t strictly true.
Just for those who believe in you know who.

I decided to leave Santa’s Grotto.
And now I’ve gone and won the Lotto.

I’ve landed a job at Pistachio.
Even though it’s a bit farther to go.

I need to ‘think creative’ as that’s my job.
And spread the joy with my little elfy gob.

As the head snowcial media guy.
I’ll be posting clever posts on the fly.

Standing like a mannequin as part of a team.
Or something funny like a Donald Trump meme.

I’ll set up Instagram and post my selfie.
Hopefully it blows up and starts a frenzy.

So follow us now or give us a plug.
If you do I might just give you a hug.

Love Rudy!