Opening a second office…

Pistachio is good at what it does. Nearly 12 years of consistent, organic growth, happy customers, successful projects, and a great team of talented people. We create a lot of excitement and value for our clients, but what’s next?

An opportunity has arisen and Pistachio Design is opening a second office. That’s a big deal for Pistachio, as it’s our first expansion beyond our rural escape in Berkshire, and a big deal for me, as I’m keen on the issues of size, quality and culture. We chose Nottingham for this expansion, for several reasons, which included access to regional business opportunities and new collaborators; a growing business network and opportunities in the Midlands and the drive we have to allow Pistachio to be the very best it can be.

Unfortunately, wanting a second office and making it happen are two very different propositions. It’s not that it’s difficult, but it is time consuming and costly. There are the practicalities of getting the right space, but you also should think about how to foster the right environment within it, the ease of working and accessibility for staff and clients.

As a creative agency, we wanted something inspiring, relaxed and motivational – so we searched interesting spaces (studios, shared creative hubs etc) in edgier parts of the city. But, from that grand vision, the process quickly shifted to the mundane: Are there enough parking spaces? Who is providing telecoms? Is the broadband quick enough? How many waste paper bins do we need?

There were some tricky decisions – such as negotiating the right lease, however, the most difficult decisions were conceptual, such as should the new office be an extension of the existing one or an enterprise?

This then poses the questions of, should I head up both offices or would an independent management structure better suit? For now, I am heading up both offices and driving our strategy to bring on new customers, but longer term, could this change?

I have high expectations on this new path we have taken, however with all these things, it will take time, dedication and a lot of hard work for it to be successful. I’m sure I will learn a lot along the way, have knock-backs and successes but am excited to be on this journey.