From creative arts to creative agency life and the bits in between.

I wouldn’t describe my route to working in a creative agency in Berkshire as a direct nor structured one, but interesting non-the less.

I guess I have always had a creative spark, training as a dancer in London, teaching choreography and managing theatre productions. As a visual learner, making sense of images and intricate details has been engrained in me, which I would later integrate into my agency life.

Later, moving into more of the production side of things, I found myself slipping into events management and eventually in the tech and business industries which opened my mind to a whole new area to develop in.

Eventually, after being in London for 6 years and enduring the dreaded commute from one end of the central line to the other, I decided enough was enough and went adventuring overseas. My Latin American travels ended up stretching out from 3 to 10 incredible months and before I knew it we had travelled 18 countries before settling in Melbourne, Australia. It was here I realised the potential to transfer my skills into agency life.

There are many skills you can take from the creative arts into the creative agency world that over the years I found myself applying. Through countless collaborations with various artists, musicians and communities, you build solid relationships throughout your projects together, laying the strong foundation for successful productions. From managing artists to managing designers in the business are two similar things, pretty much with the same objective. The drive, motivation, creativity and communication skills so prominent in the creative arts is also fundamental within agency work.

When I finally left Australia, travelling Asia on route back to the UK, I knew that I would love to settle in a creative agency. Somewhere outside of the chaotic city centre. Somewhere with a friendly, honest and collaborative working atmosphere, engaging with brands across a range of industries. So here I am, in the beautiful country hills of Cookham, Berkshire, the sun is shining and it is day 1 in the Pistachio office. So far, so good…

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