Here we are, back at it in January 2021, ready for a new year and ready to re-kickstart the roaring twenties in the right way AMIRIGHT old sport? Well, it would appear not quite, actually.

Yes, this year hasn’t begun the way we all hoped it would, lockdown is back (which one are we on now?), season 9 of GOT is currently being produced at Capitol Hill in DC, and it is safe to say that there a more than a few tough months ahead before we can breathe a sigh of collective relief at a future that can safely accommodate a more sociable, and hopefully more prosperous, world. But, we are here and it’s not all doom and gloom for January, here are some of the positives you can take away from another 6 (plus?) weeks locked-down in Covid Britain…

1.Food glorious fooooood

January, usually the month reserved for a purge of alcohol, meat, cheese, laughter and all things merry and fun. Now, I don’t know about you but a January where we can’t even seek solace in the arms, comfort and company of others shouldn’t be made anymore woe-some by also removing all of the sinful delicacies that bring us so much joy.

Therefore, take solace in the fact that as we’re all stuck inside while things are looking a little bleak outside then you don’t even have to pretend that you’re trying to survive the month on high quality H20 and saw dust. Plus, think how much better those ‘after’ snaps will pop if you add a few extra lbs to the mix. Savvy.

2.Increase your streaming intellect

Way back in March 2020 (gulp) we were all enraptured, enamoured and quite frankly giddy with the endless shows, films and boxsets lingering under our locked-in little finger tips. While it might seem that you’ve watched everything that has ever been made, produced, starred in and directed by a Hemsworth brother or Keira Knightley lookalike, all is not lost. With cult shows come cult memes, and what is lockdown life if you cannot understand and share approximately 25 memes per day at speed?

In order to understand such vital popular culture in the post-covid world, audiences need to know their shows inside out. Therefore, what better way to spend another enforced period of solitude than by re-watching your fav shows and thus becoming the meme-overlord of all that ever has, is or will be funny on social media.

3.Enjoy the lack of company

For many, the past year has meant that we’ve not been able to see loved ones as much as we’d like to, or even at all. However, on the plus side strict restrictions have made it super easy to avoid seeing those who you really, really don’t want to. You can try and pretend that you don’t agree and that you love all of your friends and family equally bla bla bla but if you’re really being honest with yourself there’s some relief to be found in having a water-tight excuse (from the government no less) from having to make lack-lustre plans with persona’s non grata, comprendez?

4.Introduce a little Llewelyn-Bowen

Ah, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, what a simpler time for us all. If you’re not familiar with the work of Changing Rooms most gaudy interior designer then I suggest you Google him immediately and then proceed to do the exact opposite of what he suggests to your home.

What we can learn from Laurence however is that it doesn’t hurt to introduce a little je ne se quoi into the home. Yes our homes are now doubling up as classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, offices and late-night speakeasies, but if you’ve been working in the same spot for the last 10 months then why not mix it up and change your desk around? Whether that be so you’re now facing a window rather than a wall, or swapping with your co-habiter to move into the spare / laundry room, or even if you’re planning on creating a trendy ‘breakout’ meeting space in the bathtub, whatever you do, do it with a little pizazz – darling.

5.Re-invent the curriculum

So, the kids are back in your classroom – nightmare, right? Not necessarily. As the school day now rests solely in your capable hands, why not take the opportunity to teach your children some useful life lessons?

For example, instead of agonising over the periodic table and how and why elements get freaky with each other, why not set the minions to a useful task and get them to calculate the nutritional value of every alcoholic cocktail on the menu of your favourite bar instead? That way not only are you imparting useful knowledge onto the next generation, you will also be thoroughly prepared for your return to the promised land. Everyone’s a winner.

6.The planet gets a proper break

Remember at the start of lockdown 2020 when the skies were suddenly clearer, the canals less polluted and the wildlife more visibly comfortable in its natural habitat? Well, that’s because human’s have quite literally ruined the planet (hey, I don’t make the rules – Greta does). Therefore if this virus isn’t ready to let the world get back to its old murky ways just quite yet then lets rejoice that the planet gets a little longer to breathe some fresh air without us…

Well folks, yes it’s a new year same Covid but have faith, all is not lost and there is (albeit feint at the moment) a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re looking to kickstart your 2021 with a new campaign, or perhaps you’re looking for some support with your business comms, simply get in touch with us today, we’d love to help make your year a little brighter…