Join us in having a little festive fun this Christmas…

Please help Santa get ready for Christmas by drawing him a face,
You can make him naughty, nice or full of natural grace,
But whatever you do be sure to let your creative juices flow,
For Santa’s face left bare would leave the Pistachio team full of woe…

We’d love to see how you get on so please share, post and tweet,
Whoever’s Santa tickles our fancy the most –
Will get a lovely Pistachio Christmas treat!

What do you do?

If you’re lucky enough to have received one of our special Pistachio Christmas cards this year then you should have received you’re very own Nutty Santa as well!

We’d love it if you’d help us have a little fun this Christmas by decorating your own ‘Nutty Santa’ and then sharing your creations with us. We’ve included a Sharpie to get you started but the fun doesn’t have to stop there – be as creative as you like with how you decorate your Santa, you can even take him home for your kids, family and friends to have a go, we welcome all creations from all ages…even the in-laws!

Why decorate our Nutty Santa? Because, being as we’re a design agency, we love getting creative and we love sharing our nutty-ness on social media! We’ll be sharing our efforts on our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages and we hope to see yours there to…who knows how many people will see it!

So, if you’re feeling especially creative this year then please post your efforts on social media using the hashtag #NuttySanta, or email them directly to us at and we’ll share it for you!

What do you win?

On 21st December, we’ll be picking our favourite Santa and sending the winner an exclusive festive hamper!

Get social for Santa!

Make sure you tag us at Pistachio Design on Facebook, @PistachioUK on Twitter and @Pistachiodesignuk on Instagram using the hashtag #NuttySanta, we can’t wait to see them!