Once again, this year seems to be rolling by in a haze of mask on, mask off, stay in, go out, get jabbed, get tested, enjoy the sun, complain about the rain – you know the drill by now. But one thing is for sure and that is that Autumn is firmly here and the latter part of 2021’s turn around the sun is coming towards its close.

Now, many people are sun lovers, currently lamenting the end of our ‘summer’ some are winter enthusiasts, eagerly awaiting the moment they can throw on a Christmas jumper and deck the halls, and others put their store in the rebirthing qualities of spring. And that’s cool. But, here at Pistachio, we have a big ole’ soft spot for the hybrid, back-to-school feel of Autumn. So, to help boost your mood on this rather fresh start to the month here’s a list of reasons as to why the arrival of October is something we should all be happy about.

1. It’s time to get spooky
Halloween is obviously the golden egg of October and the minute the calendar flips over onto the big O, all hell (quite literally) breaks loose. Halloween is a great focal point for kids and adults alike this month, for children they can get excited about dressing up and raising their blood sugar levels to dangerous heights, and for adults, we can get excited about watching horror movies that are only marginally more terrifying than the world we currently live in.

2. Coats are back
October is usually the perfect temperature where you can stop stressing about being in good enough shape to wear summer clothes and instead give yourself back over to the dark side of chunky knits and a chocolate-stain friendly colour palette. Plus, you get to navigate that risqué little dance of deciding how many layers to put on before you leave the house. Too few and you’ll be turning blue by the time lunchtime hits, too many and you’ll be sticking your head under the nearest tap to cool down.

3. Boujie pumpkin foods
Pumpkins might once have been a vegetable purely reserved for carving crudely drawn, villainous faces into, but in recent years the pumpkin food phenomena has really kicked off. And we are here for it. Head into any independent bistro or café and you’ll be spoilt for choice with pumpkin treats that are breaded, fried or liquified. You name it, capitalism has monetised it. So put your best basic-bish foot forward and get that pumpkin-themed dish up on Insta ASAP.

4. Aesthetics are on point
October is when the leaves start to change, the mornings get a little crisper and the world just seems a little brighter. And, as an agency full of designers, we love nothing more than a natural environment to fuel our creativity. So, if you see us kicking up jewel-coloured leaves and faux-laughing candidly into a Boomerang video, mind your business. We’re living our best Autumn life.

5. The bugs are gone
Finally, the bugs have gone back to the place from whence they came. No more wasps buzzing around your cider on a Saturday afternoon. No more mosquitos nibbling away at your legs while you sleep. And no more guilt about having to try and save every single bumblebee in need while you yourself are fighting for your darn life on a sweaty summer run. Perfection.

There you have it, all the reasons you need to grab October by the devil horns and make the most of a month that is just far enough away from December to hold off on the Christmas anxiety. Plus, October is a great month to start putting your marketing plans in motion for the festive period and get a head start on your plans for 2022. If you’d like any help with your Christmas campaign ideas, or to discuss any plans you have for your brand, get in touch today!