Lately, you might have noticed that we like to pick out brands that we think have done an extra good job with their branding, comms or specific advertising campaign. Well, enough about everyone else, we thought it was high time that we picked out some of Pistachio’s latest client projects to show that even though some work might not make a Times Square billboard, it’s still very much worth shining the ‘on fleek’ spotlight on.

Below, you’ll find three projects that the team are especially excited to shout about this month. First up, it’s our favourite equestrian friends over at Guards Polo Club.

Recently the Pistachio team completed a project collaboration with Guards Polo Club and Outsourcing Inc Outsourcing Inc insert, a hugely successful business solutions company based in Japan. The finished product was a specially designed souvenir brochure illustrating all of their 19/20 polo matches and events. Each brochure was a sizeable offering, coming in at 80 pages, including both English and Japanese content, and requiring graphic design across a variation of high-res photographic imagery, carefully constructed graphics and written content.

The very talented team at Pistachio helped to design, print and ship the brochures which we can now happily report are sitting pretty in Japan!

Next up, we’re proud to show off this snazzy (yes, we said it – sorry designers) re-brand from Legatics, a LegalTech company specialising in transaction management. Earlier this month the Legatics team excitedly announced a major rebrand, designed to reflect the company’s continued evolution and success. Keeping the company name the same but introducing a fresh new logo and bold brand design, we agree wholeheartedly that this clean, fresh and striking new design better represents the company and its continued growth.

As this impressive company continues to grow, the timing seemed fitting for Pistachio to assist in a rebrand. “Legatics has built up a highly loyal customer base” explains Legatics’ CEO Anthony Seale “and we can’t wait to share the new design with them all. The rebrand is a pivotal part in the company’s blueprint for growth. The new design is dynamic and bold and perfectly represents the ambition, as well as the culture, we have here at Legatics. As we continue to evolve and release great new features on our platform, we realised that our own brand could do with a little evolving itself”. We’re just happy to have helped make Legatics 2021 go off with such a positive re-branding bang!

Learn more about the re-brand

Finally, our last favourite ‘on fleek’ project this month is from the home of intelligent quiz shows, IQTV. We work with IQTV across all of their social media and digital marketing campaigns and we’re delighted to be able to share this latest animation we’ve created for them with you. Making it easier for users to discover IQTV featured quiz shows, Pistachio was tasked with creating a simple video that displayed the IQTV Virgin Media TV interface in an accessible way while still promoting the range of entertaining quiz shows available. This simple yet effective animation is the perfect way to show off IQTV’s subtly updated branding while giving a succinct, professional, engaging and easy to follow guide of how to watch IQTV and why. So, when it’s time for that post-work cuppa, you’ll know where to head for a good brainteaser on demand.

Watch the video

Thanks for tuning in to our Pistachio On Fleek, we hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peek at some of our favourite latest campaigns and projects this month. If any of our work has inspired you to get the wheels turning on your next 2021 initiative, why not get in touch to discuss? We’d love to get some more ‘on Fleek ’contenders…