We all remember our 18th Birthday, right? For millennials it most likely included wearing too much hair product, a chunky belt, £1 vodka red bulls and Rihanna’s Umbrella screamed into your ear. For boomers, apparently it wasn’t that much of a big deal, they were probably too busy buying a house for 90p one assumes. And as for Gen X and Z, the latter no doubt spent it sober playing Dungeons and Dragons, and the former was foraging in the wood for materials they used to self-build their own extension at the age of 5…resourceful little tykes.

Well, hold on to your party hats folks, because this month Pistachio Design turns 18!! Yep. That’s right. Pistachio is officially old enough to drink, vote and erm…get a tattoo. Yay. And as we wouldn’t want such a momentous occasion to pass us by without marking it appropriately, we’re celebrating 18 things that make PD coming of age truly special…

1. Pistachio founders Paul and Marie have spent nearly 2 decades legally bound to each other – did someone say you’d get less for murder…?

2. In 18 years of business Pistachio has created over 9k client projects for some very happy clients – WOWzers!

3. The Pistachio Team has had many homes – that’s 5 different offices to be exact – including a picturesque farm, a trendy co working space, a luxurious garden office, Paul’s home bar, and a Notts city centre penthouse – and who’s to say we’re going to stop there?

4. Like most 18-year-olds, Pistachio has had its fair share of fashion hits and misses – does anyone else remember the Pistachio branded Fiat 500?

5. In 2005, the year Pistachio Design was born, Charles and Camilla got married – so we’re pretty sure this means we get an invite to the coronation, right?

6. Fun fact, not one member of Team Pistachio knows who any of the ‘official celebrities’ who were born in 2005 are. Which tells us that Pistachio Design isn’t the only thing that’s getting a lil’ mature.

7. When Pistachio designer Stacey turned 18, she celebrated in the sophisticated, picturesque town of…Magaluf (we’re hoping for an anniversary trip any day now).

8. When you turn 18 in the UK, you can officially stand as an MP or Councillor. With everything going on at Number 10 at the moment, this seems more like fate than coincidence… The Pistachio Party does have a certain ring to it after all.

9. When Pistachio started Director Marie had just had child number 3 (and yes, he is now 18!) with the amazing Dave, the love of her life, father of her wolf pack and all-round best-guy-ever. We know Dave’s got a rum and coke ready to raise a glass with us in celebration from his heavenly perch. Cheers Dave!

10. Legend has it that when Pistachio Director Paul turned 18, he was gifted a luxury quilted Gillet by the Gods, who told him that if he ever removed it, he’d lose his power to effortlessly work a room.

11. Also turning 18 years’ old this year is the marriage-ending blockbuster Mr and Mrs Smith starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Huge congrats to Pistachio for outliving two of Brad’s marriages in that time…

12. Pistachio’s Customer Success Manager, Lee very nobly had his very first sip of alcohol on the evening of his 18th birthday – and wasn’t that enamoured with it. The rest of team Pistachio is still being treated for severe shock upon hearing this news.

13. Merely weeks after Pistachio Design was born, serendipitously Jamster’s advert featuring the notorious Crazy Frog song was unleashed. Becoming the best performing advert of 2005, and the most complained about. No doubt inspiring two young Creative agency owners to steer clear of creating anything featuring a ‘ding ding dididinggg’ soundtrack.

14. Self-professed wild spirit and world-traveller, Pistachio graphic designer, Rich celebrated his 18th birthday under the heady city lights of…Leicester. Cool cool.

15. In 2005 Tony Blair was Prime Minister, in 2023 it’s Rishi Sunak. The jury is far from in on deciding which end had it better, but Pistachio’s road to adulthood sure has seen some shenanigans go down outside that shiny black door.

16. Did you know that 18 is also the exact number of times Pistachio designer Chris has written to DC asking to be the next Batman? We’re all rooting for you Chris sweetie!

17. When she turned 18, Pistachio wordsmith Charlotte was actually turned away from the hottest (and only) nightclub in Banbury town because her ID revealed that she’d already been drinking there illegally for the past two years.

18. Unofficial head chef for team Pistachio, designer Emmy, is said to be creating a spectacular birthday feast for everyone to enjoy at the end of this month – let’s hope she gets the memo!

All in all, it’s been 18 magical years of creativity, fun and friendship here at Pistachio, and we’re delighted that the business has survived, and thrived, across so many unpredictable times – and looks set to continue to shine for a long time yet.

But what’s that we hear you cry? A word from the head honcho’s, you got it…

Paul, Pistachio Director: “18 years, 18 years…..no I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digga”….sorry, did I just bust into some Kanye West….controversial! Well, what an 18 years….there have been highs, there have been lows, there have been tears but there has been much laughter….Pistachio is nothing without such an amazing team of people and a diamond of a business partner – so thank you all!

Marie, Pistachio Director: “In 2005, Batman began…. Harry was fighting dragons and trying to save Cedric…. Charlie had taken another trip to the chocolate factory… Lucy went through a wardrobe into a snowy Narnia, Anakin didn’t care that Obi-Wan had the high ground, Arthur Dent knew where his towel was and was told “Don’t panic” in large friendly letters and Alex the Lion liked to “Move it, move it” with King Julian and his lemurs… it all seems like yesterday! It’s been a wild ride and I hope it will long continue… we couldn’t have done it without the team and Pistachio’s future looks bright. Just don’t ask me where the name came from (as I’m too old to remember now lol)… Thanks so much to all the people who have supported us.. Especially Dave and Jane, who have put up with Paul and I working all hours. And finally… Paul, “Mr Worldwide” himself – thank you for being you.

Thanks for taking the time to celebrate 18 years with us, if you’d like to get in touch about your next campaign, product launch or brand update, simply drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!