Pistachio’s design process: our secret recipe for success

How our unique seven-step design process makes sure you brand gets it right, every single time.

Why does the ‘design process’ matter?

When it comes to branding and design, every brushstroke, pixel, and concept holds the power to shape a brand’s image. At Pistachio Design, we’ve cooked up a design process akin to alchemy. This journey transforms your vision into something tangible, helping to captivate your audience, inspire recognition and boost customer loyalty.

This isn’t just a process; it’s a well-honed recipe of creative expertise that blends seamlessly and produces designs that really resonate. So, how do we do it? Well, luckily for, you we’re sharing our seven-step recipe to design deliciousness…

  1. Getting it together: setting the flavour foundation

Just like any chef worth his salt knows, you need to start with the right ingredients. That’s why step one is making sure we understand your business at its very core. We don’t just listen; we engage in a dance of understanding, questioning, and relentless curiosity. After all, if just one original spice is wrong, the whole dish tastes off, right? This phase sets the stage, creating a robust base for what’s to come.

  1. Research: assembling the shopping list

Armed with a deep understanding, we assemble our ‘shopping list’ aka, the research phase. Analysing market dynamics, client needs, competitor landscapes, and potential roadblocks equips us with the right ingredients to get things cooking. Research becomes our guiding compass, ensuring we stay on track, on time, and on budget—a meticulous exploration that paves the way for seasoned creativity.

  1. Turn on the creativity: igniting the design kitchen

With everything in place, it’s time to crank up the heat. The studio becomes a creative haven where mood boards and brainstorm sessions crackle with electric energy. Here, in the heat of the design kitchen, the imagination of our expert team takes flight, transforming initial ideas into creative brilliance that’s tailormade for your brand.

  1. Take it to the machine: cooking up digital artistry

Living in a digital age, every idea needs to find its way to the designer’s proverbial oven—the digital canvas. Adobe and its suite of design tools become our magic wands, translating concepts into enchanting masterpieces. Every click, every pixel, is an intentional stroke, weaving a tapestry that brings the envisioned narrative to life. It’s here that a design dish really starts to look incredibly appetising.

  1. Time to present: The first taster

As the designs take form, it’s time for the first taster—presenting our work. The objective is clear: to get that coveted ‘wow’ from our clients. Like a satisfying meal, we present creative design that nourish and satisfy. If it’s not quite right, we want to know, ensuring we can tweak the recipe until it’s just perfect.

  1. Client reviews and developments: the art of adjustment

Just as a master chef refines a dish to perfection, our designs undergo the crucial element of client feedback. Every aspect and nuance are fine-tuned based on a brand’s preferences. It’s a collaborative dance where adjustments are made, tweaks perfected, and the design undergoes its evolutionary journey to align seamlessly with expectations and feasibility. The result? Creative design that’s a true reflection of the intended brief.

  1. Approvals: the dish is served

This is where our creative concoction is presented for the ultimate taste test. The journey, from conceptualisation to realisation has been realised and client satisfaction is the ultimate goal. The end design isn’t just a deliverable asset; it’s a dynamic representation of a brand’s ethos, ready to make its mark on the world.

Ready to fire up the Pistachio design kitchen?

This secret recipe to design success isn’t an exclusive affair; it’s an opportunity for your business to benefit too. If you’re in need of some creative support that’s sure to hit the sweet spot your customers are after, just get in touch – we’ll whip you up a real treat 😉