So, another year and another opportunity for the Valentine’s Day marketing machine to fully swing into action! This is the time of year when smug couples celebrate over a lobster thermidor and overpriced prosecco whilst everyone else is outed as a singleton as they pick up their large Dominoes for 1 and treat the cat to some organic milk.

If our Marlow office is like anyone else’s, then In the run up to the ‘big day’ everyone usually discusses and divulges what their plans are for the evening, how romantic it’s going to be and what flowers, chocolates and gifts they’re expecting from their brow-beaten other half’s – but then suddenly, it becomes blindingly apparent that you might be sat next to the sole, lonesome, elephant in the room, the singleton! Panic, fear and worry set in as you quickly shut down the valentine’s conversation and pray that you haven’t made a huge faux-pas by even mentioning the dreaded day in front of your single colleagues.

If this is you and, like me, you want to make sure that every member of your team has a very happy Valentine’s Day – whether they’re loved up and posting #myworld snaps with their partners on Instagram, or they’re out downing shots and ferociously swiping right on Tinder all night long – what’s important is that Valentine’s Day in the office is a supportive environment for all. So, as the couples already have it sorted for the big V-Day, here are some top tips you can pass on to your employees to help the single members of your team to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the right way:

1. Diversion tactic – Go out and get drunk, we’ll even pretend not to notice when you rock up to work the next day nursing a hangover. Plus, if you head to a bar on Valentine’s Day you’re sure to meet like-minded singletons with the same agenda as you i.e. not giving a fig about being coupled up and living their best lives as strong, independent single like you!

2. Treat yourself – Buy yourself a gift, whether it be some flowers, chocolate or a human shaped pillow, who cares! Today is about you, so indulge yourself – eat the whole damn box if you like, you deserve it!

3. Be philanthropic – You may be struggling on this day, but if you are, then someone else probably is as well, so why not help a fellow singleton to feel good and buy them a card or gift to brighten up their day!

4. Be a Bridget – If all else fails, just go all Bridget Jones, get a big pot of ice-cream, a movie and wallow in your own self-pity – but don’t say I didn’t try to help you!

This is of course just a light-hearted list of suggestions, you may have some of your own that are much more sensible – but let’s hope that no matter what, both singletons and couples alike enjoy Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who are celebrating as a couple; enjoy this romantic day – and make sure you book a table early!

And if, like so many of the sane amongst us, you’re simply just getting your head down and working hard this Valentine’s Day, then check out some of the work that our loved up designers, strategists and marketers have been getting up to by clicking here.