With Summer just around the corner, the hordes of determined six-pack aspirers are working hard to sculpt and sweat their way into the perfect beach body.

I am also fully committed to the fitness lifestyle, skipping out of the sumptuous and seemingly endless birthday treats that constantly flow into our Berkshire design agency.

Opting to go for the less desirable route of cracking into a truckload of eggs each week (apologies to the team) and devouring chickens like a fox in a coup.

You are probably thinking where am I going with this, well, in fact the two subjects have striking principles in common…To work at getting the perfect six-pack, takes hard work, determination, the right techniques to fulfil your goals, tailoring and streamlining your approach. The same applies to SEO and this is also where you can run into problems, so, you’ve started to gain momentum, things are going great and then a few months down the line after much success you start to slip, a bagel here, a doughnut there and bang you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation.

The jam starts to drip and your once juicy rankings are not so sweet anymore, all of a sudden your rival has ditched the cherry bakewells and gone full iron man on your ass, they now have another thing in common and that ‘thing’ is maintenance.

Experts will tell you that on both subjects, maintenance is possibly the hardest and most tedious part but bare with it. Whether it’s your next set of crunches that you so achingly can’t manage or your new set of SEO gains, hang tight, because all that pain, maintenance, crafting and honing will give you the rewards you planned for in the beginning!

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